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Dirac Intros New Dirac Live Auto Target Curve Functionality

Swedish digital audio company Dirac has announced a new auto target curve functionality for its Dirac Live solution that the company says will “make it easier for consumers to get even better sound quality out of their sound systems.”

The Dirac Live solution will now automatically generate an auto target curve based on a specific sound system’s unique measurements. With this new functionality, customers will no longer need in-depth knowledge of room correction to enjoy the best sound possible, says Dirac.

“Many of the first uses of Dirac Live, more than a decade ago, were in cinemas or high-end home theatres, where experts calibrated and tuned sound systems using Dirac Live,” explains Jakob Ågren, Head of Product Management at Dirac. “But that’s no longer the case. With more mass-market AVRs now offering our breakthrough solution, Dirac Live has gone mainstream. However, when addressing this new, larger audience, it became clear that attaining the optimal sound experience should be as easy as possible. Our new auto target curve eliminates the need for manual adjustments, allowing new users to sit back and enjoy superior sound.”

The new auto target curve more faithfully reflects the inherent character of the measured system, Dirac explains, minus the adverse acoustic effects of the room. It gives users a balanced response with a more natural slope, creating more genuine listening experiences. The auto target curve ensures the result is lifelike and preserves more of the speakers’ individual flavour, the company continues, while “tightening up performance across the board.”

Dirac Live app

Should further tweaking be required to achieve optimal sound, users can manually adjust the auto target curve through a new simplified interface in the Dirac Live mobile app. Drag a sound region up or down to increase or decrease its volume. For thsoe who know and love it, the classic filter design will still be available.

“Now that more consumers can experience Dirac Live, we’ve made it as easy as possible to get a great sound experience,” continues Agren. “End users can be confident that their home theatre will sound its best, and should they want to make changes to further personalize, it’s simply a tap away.”

Dirac’s auto target curve is available first through the Dirac Live mobile app, and the company will announce desktop functionality later this year. Available for download today, the updated Dirac Live mobile app has also simplified its measuring and adjustment processes to require fewer steps for users to complete. Currently Dirac Live-enabled devices from NAD, Onkyo, Pioneer, Integra, and Pioneer Elite are compatible with the Dirac Live mobile app.