Focal Naim 10th anniversary

Focal Naim Debuts 10th Anniversary Edition System

Focal and Naim merged together 10 years ago, and today, the brand, which joined the VerVent Audio Group in 2014, is celebrating this milestone with a new 10th Anniversary Edition special edition system.

Heading the set-up are the Sopra N°2 loudspeakers in a special metallic finish: concrete side panels pair with a ‘tin’ front baffle, which is inspired by “the grandeur of architectural creations.” An array of Naim Classic electronics powers the Focal loudspeakers. The NDX 2 music-streaming player pairs with the NAC 282/NAP 250 DR pre-power amplifiers, complete with matching NAPSC and HiCap DR power supplies. The system includes all the connections you need, including a pair of Naim’s top-range Super Lumina speaker cables.

The Focal Naim 10th Anniversary Edition includes the Sopra N°2, NDX 2 – NAC 282 – HICAP DR and NAPSC – NAP 250 DR and will sell in Canada once available in May 2022 for $62,400.

Focal Naim 10th anniversary

Focal Naim North America was born from the merger of Focal, a leader in acoustic sound made in France, and Naim Audio, a leader in British-made hi-fi electronics. VerVent Audio Group’s brand subsidiaries signal a new investment phase and direction for VerVent in the U.S. and Canada. By creating its own distribution entity, the group says it is “striving to turn the North American territory into the market leader for Focal and Naim.”

In addition to selling through thousands of retailers, Focal Naim has its own retail shops around the world, including the first one to open in Canada in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan earlier this year.