Dyson Airstrait

Dyson Airstrait Straightener Takes You From Wet to Dry

Dyson has been slowly expanding into the personal care space with a number of hair care products. The line is getting bigger once again with the newest addition to the mix, the Dyson Airstrait straightener. What sets this model apart is that it does not contain hot plates yet it’s able to stretch and straighten all hair types, right from wet, using just focused airflow and without any heat damage.

The Dyson Airstrait contains your hair stresses using two arms that emit a precisely angled high-pressure blade of air, which is forced downwards and into the hair. This both dries your hair and styles it. The two 1.5mm apertures accelerate airflow, creating the high velocity blades of air, which are projected at a 45° angle. They converge to form a single focused jet of air. Alongside drying your luscious locks, the directional airflow also helps align hair strands to result in a “smooth and shiny finish,” says Dyson.

Dyson Airstrait

Dyson says the device works via the powerful airflow, which negates the need for high heat. Since the hair is already wet, this moisture helps to reset the hair style since the wetness weakens the hydrogen bonds within each hair strand. The result also features less frizz, says Dyson, and fewer flyaways while also protecting your hair’s natural shine.

As with other Dyson personal hair care products, the new Dyson Airstrait is powered by a Hyperdymium motor, which is small and lightweight at just 27mm, yet still powerful enough to generate the necessary airflow to dry and straighten hair at the same time. A 13-blade impeller spins up to 106,000 rpm, propelling over 11.9 litres of air through the machine per second. This, explains Dyson, generates up to 3.5kPa of air pressure to straighten the hair.

Dyson Airstrait

You’ll also get the same intelligent heat control found in other Dyson hair care products, along with glass bead thermistors that measure the temperature of the airflow up to 30 times per second to protect heat damage. Microprocessors, meanwhile, receive this data and regulate the heating element so airflow never exceeds the required temperature.

The straightener has both Wet and Dry styling modes as well as a Cool mode for setting the style. In Wet mode, you can choose 175°F, 230°F, or 285°F, while Dry mode includes 250°F or 285°F, or the top-up “boost” option. There are two speed settings for low and high airflow, and a cold shot and root drying mode.

The Dyson Airstrait straightener is available in Canada for $700.