Dyson WashG1

Dyson WashG1 is a Wet Floor Cleaner

In the cleaning space, Dyson is known for its vacuums, and most recently, its robot vacuum and mop. Now, the company is adding a wet floor cleaner to its line: the WashG1 is Dyson’s first dedicated wet cleaner model.

The Dyson WashG1 tackles both wet and dry debris in one go using its highly absorbent microfibre filament rollers that counter-rotate to remove spills, debris, and dried on stains. Dyson’s new separation technology divides wet and dry debris at the source for hygienic disposal.

How does it work? The combination of hydration, absorption, and extraction technologies remove wet and dry debris in one go, automatically separating debris from dirty water for easy maintenance. Dirty water is extracted from the rollers by durable extraction plates, while secondary nylon- bristled inner brush bars remove dirt and debris from the microfibre rollers, flicking it straight into a removeable debris tray.

Dyson WashG1

The cleaner comes with a one-litre capacity clean water tank that covers flooring up to 290m2. A pulse modulated hydration pump precisely controls and adjusts the amount of water delivered to the microfibre rollers, via 26 hydration points.  

Two individually powered rollers counter-rotate whilst a pulse-modulated pump distributes water evenly across 26 precisely positioned hydration points, along the full width of each roller. The rollers are made up of a highly absorbent microfibre, with 64,800 filaments per cm2. This combination of high density microfibre and consistent application of clean water ensures liquid spills are absorbed, says Dyson, while dry dirt, debris, and hair is enveloped by the millions of filaments. By positioning two rollers at the front and back of the machine, Dyson engineers also achieved longer dwell time on stains with each pass, for fast and powerful stain removal.

The debris tray has been designed with a 500-micron mesh to separate dirty water from large debris. Powered by an extraction pump, dirty water is immediately collected in a 0.8 litre capacity dirty water tank, without allowing large debris to pass through the machine. Keeping the dirt and debris in the head of the machine, and the dirty water in a separate tank allows for easy and hygienic disposal, Dyson reinforces.

Dyson WashG1

To further support ease-of-maintenance for users, the Dyson WashG1 has been designed without sharp internal surfaces or crevices, to help lessen dirt or grime build up inside the machine. Both water tanks have been designed with large openings to allow for further assurances of easy maintenance and cleaning. After use, the self-cleaning mode saturates both rollers with clean water on the highest boost setting, flushing the entire system in preparation for the next clean.

The Dyson WashG1 has been designed with in-use hydration control, allowing owners to select the level of hydration required based on debris type, flooring, or personal preference. The low, medium, and high modes each run continuously once selected, to provide increased levels of hydration respectively. Each mode also features an additional three sensitivity settings, to allow owners to fine tune them to their individual cleaning needs. A separate boost mode button purges each roller with the maximum amount of hydration when pressed, for removal of stubborn dirt and dried on stains.

The rollers span the full width of the cleaner head to allow for edge-to-edge cleaning, right to the corners. The Dyson WashG1 has been designed with two motors that sit within each microfibre roller, spinning in opposite directions.

Dyson WashG1

For optimised maneuverability, Dyson engineers fine-tuned each motor to spin at a consistent speed in accordance with the hydration mode selected, allowing the machine to glide effortlessly whilst cleaning is in process. Adopting technology from the Dyson Omni-glide, casters provide additional balance and weight support, while the low cleaner head height allows for easy reach underneath furniture.

The Dyson WashG1 wet floor cleaner will be available in Canada later this year, priced at $900. Exclusively through Dyson Direct, owners will receive an additional set of rollers with every unit purchased.