Electrogenic Beautifully Converts Classic Cars to Modern Age (Just Don’t Ask How Much?)

Expensive but worth it

There’s an old joke that says the best day of your life is the one when you buy a classic car and the second-best day is when you sell it.  This joke works well by substituting car for boat or also buying a vineyard (How do you make a million dollars owning a vineyard? Start with two million dollars…).  If you have the disease that makes you fond of old things made of wood or worse, steel, you probably romanticise most things in your life and firmly believe that your existence would be complete only by owning a small boutique, or a country Inn or of course an old Land Rover Defender.

Diesel no more. The Electrogenic all-electric powered vintage Land Rover

Now let’s say that you have followed through on that dream of owning a vintage car, if you are a mere mortal, you probably could not afford a fully restored concours-ready model, but have convinced yourself that you will “chip” away at the restoration yourself.  After a couple of years swapping out fuel pumps, over-hauling faulty electrics, obtaining a PhD on the mechanics of carburetors and learning that steel tends to rust just by looking at it, you start looking at Kijij and the AutoTrader wondering if you can unload your unfinished project to the next romantic that cannot live a fulfilled existence without owning what you are selling, (but now asking a fraction of the price of what you have invested).

The car Enzo Ferrari called the most beautiful ever produced – The Jaguar E-Type now all-electric

If this sounds like you, don’t despair! Just leave your classic in the garage until you can afford to commission British EV technology company Electrogenic, known for its world-leading classic car EV conversions who have announced new kits under the banner, “Powered by Electrogenic”, designed as’ ‘drop in’ kits, catering to the surging global demand for EV conversion technology for old vehicles.  The phrase “drop in” makes the conversion sound so easy that I am going to use that as my lead when I tell my wife that I have bought an old Land Rover!

The Electrogenic land-Rover “Drop-in” electric conversion kit

Electrogenic is renowned for its exactingly engineered and innovatively packaged classic car EV conversions, having received international acclaim for its re-engineering of automotive icons such as the Citroen DS, Jaguar E-type, Porsche 356, Morgan and classic Mini. Its exhaustively engineered, reversible conversions are entirely bespoke, tailored to fit a customer’s specific needs, to create the EV of their dreams. If “drop in” sounds easy, “bespoke” sounds expensive. 

With ‘Powered by Electrogenic’, the company is offering its sector-leading EV powertrain conversion technology – which delivers sustainable, silent and reliable electric motoring – in a broader range of applications, and to a wider audience than ever before.

An all-electric Electrogenic Porsche 356. Quieter and faster than the original

“Each kit will incorporate the latest technology, while also drawing upon the accumulated experience from the cars we’ve already converted – cars that our customers, in many cases, drive everyday” said Steve Drummond, co-founder of Electrogenic

The move builds on the success of the recently revealed ‘drop in’ agricultural Land Rover Defender EV conversion kit – developed in partnership with Innovate UK, tested extensively at Worthy Farm, host of the Glastonbury music festival, and launched to much fanfare earlier this year.

The coolest truck saving the planet

The first “Powered by Electrogenic” packages to launch will be three further ‘drop-in’ kits for the Land Rover Defender. The expanded Defender kit range is for the pre-2016 Defender, 90, 110 and 127 variants. The kits will feature:

  • 120kW or 150kW water-cooled motor
  • 310Nm motor delivering 900Nm directly into the transfer box via a bespoke helical ground gear set 
  • Retention of the high/low Land Rover gear select, with permanent four-wheel drive
  • 62-93kWh of batteries, located under the bonnet and behind the rear axle
  • CCS rapid charging

So keep your classic car, rip out that old smelly unreliable engine and double-down by calling Electrogenic. They will bring that vintage Porsche that you’ve been feeling guilty driving for destroying the planet and convert it to an everyday EV.  Much cooler than a Tesla!

When searching the company’s FAQ page I came across what you are all wondering; So How Much does an EV Conversion Cost: Here is the answer:

How long is a piece of string? The key elements are as follows:

  • the cost of sourcing the classic car you want – or maybe you have it already – and the cost of bringing it up to scratch.  Many beautiful classics are surprisingly inexpensive.
  • the cost of upgrades – new brakes, uprated suspension, power steering? We can advise.
  • the cost of conversion – this depends on performance and range. More performance means more motors; more range means more batteries.

Overall, the conversion is likely cheaper than you expect…and the biggest money-saver is starting with a rust-free vehicle. Call us to find out more.”

In other words, if you have to ask…..