Episode speakers

Episode Debuts New Home Theatre Speaker Series

Snap One has introduced a new family of Episode home theatre speakers. The series include six models, including Episode Home Theater and Episode Home Theater Reference models.

“These are the best Episode products we’ve ever developed,” says Alex Zaliauskas, Director of Product Management for Speakers at Snap One. “Our partner integrators have long trusted Episode to provide high-performance speakers at an incredible value, and Episode Home Theater takes that goal to new heights. We’ve dedicated countless hours to meticulously curating the finest drivers and components for this line of speakers, setting a new standard of sound reproduction and raising the bar for the Episode brand.”

Episode speakers

The six Episode Home Theater Series models employ a common set of materials and components to ensure consistent performance when mixed and matched, even with products from different Episode product lines. This offers Snap One partners the flexibility to build the best customized solutions for their customers, says the company. The lineup includes a 6-inch tower speaker, 6-inch in-room monitor speaker, 6-inch in-room LCR speaker, 4-inch in-room/on-wall height speaker, and 4-inch on-wall LCR speaker.

The series features rigid MDF cabinets that limit vibration, carbon fiber woofers, low-distortion 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters, second order Linkwitz-Riley filters, and acoustically transparent local magnetic grilles. All in-room models are available in gloss black, gloss white, and walnut veneer.

Episode speakers

For higher performance, there’s the Episode Home Theater Reference Series, which features an exclusive Coherent Source Module, upgraded crossovers, and an adaptable lineup of architectural in-wall and in-ceiling options.

“The Episode Home Theater Reference line represents the ultimate expression of Episode’s design philosophy,” adds Zaliauskas. “The line marries its acoustic design philosophy of ‘sound based on science’ with a focus on improving the partner experience with captivating visual designs and flexible, intentional installation options.”

The series includes a 6-inch in-room tower speaker and 6-inch in-room LCR speaker along with a 4-inch in-ceiling LCR speaker, 6-inch in-wall surround speaker, 6-inch medium in-wall LCR speaker, and 6-inch large in-wall LCR speaker. Each model features the same Coherent Source Module that directs frequencies to specific speakers in 2-way and 3-way designs, as well as the brand new Reference Tower 4-way design.

Episode speakers

The series also features a solid MDF cabinet, 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters, an aluminum dome midrange or wide band transducers, carbon fiber woofers, and second order Linkwitz-Riley filters with Zobel impedance matching.

The Episode Home Theater Family offers full support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro3D immersive surround sound sources.