Erikson Consumer Assumes Distribution of Daveco Brands

JAM Industries Ltd., A North American distributor of consumer electronic, professional audio and musical instruments, has assumed the distribution of the key brands of Daveco Ltd, a Montreal based consumer electronics accessories distributor. The transition to JAM will be as of November 9th, 2020 with minimal interruption to business activities. 

Jam headquarters just west of Montreal, Quebec

“From the start of our negotiations, both parties saw the benefit of getting this done,” said Martin Szpiro CEO and President of JAM.  “Daveco has been delivering proprietary, market-driven products to a loyal customer base for over 60 years. The synergies with JAM were immediately apparent and will serve to perpetuate, and build on, Daveco’s excellent legacy. We hope to have some key Daveco employees join us, and to add the scale and depth Jam delivers through one of its CE divisions, Erikson Consumer-Home.”

The Sonora, Maestro, Omage and Sangean brands represent excellent additions to Erikson’s current specialty audio line up. JAM has extensive sourcing and R&D capabilities, and current Daveco clients are assured of a continued supply of best in-class products and value for their customers.

Martin Spziro, President & CEO Jam. Photo: jam Industries

Daveco is proud to hand over to Jam Industries, stewardship of key brands according to Daveco President Jeff Usheroff.  “Jam has the financial wherewithal, market knowledge and business skill set to grow Daveco’s established brands — Sonora, Omage and Maestro,” he said. “At age 77, it was time for me to leave the brands in younger hands. I am especially glad that many of Daveco sales reps will stay on to serve Jam and Daveco’s overlapping customer base.”

Founded in 1972, Jam Industries began operating in Montreal under the trade name of Erikson Music as an importer/distributor of musical instruments and accessories, with less than 10 employees and sales of less than $1 million.  With over forty-five years of experience, today Jam Industries is a unique distribution network made up of 16 divisions that serve markets ranging from musical instruments, professional audio and lighting, commercial audio and consumer electronics, with over 650 employees spread out over several countries and sales exceeding $500 million.  

Daveco Ltd. was established in 1957 by Dave Usheroff. Jeff Usheroff has managed the company since 1973 and is its sole shareholder. The Daveco product line is broadly defined as electronic accessories and covers more than 500 items. Daveco services approximately 600 active accounts across Canada, totaling about 1,000 outlets. The majority of our customers are independent, audio hi-fi retail stores and electronic wholesalers.