KEF pro home theatre

Evolution Home Corp Adds KEF to its Portfolio

Custom integration distributor Evolution Home Entertainment has announced the addition of the KEF lineup of products to its distribution portfolio. Evolution will be focusing on the custom integration market.

KEF, it should be noted, is continuing its direct presence in Canada as well, but strengthening the commitment to the Canadian market through this distribution partnership.

“KEF Loudspeakers is a truly iconic brand, and we are excited to serve the Canadian custom integration and specialty audio market with one of the world’s best premium loudspeaker brands” says Sal Riina, President of Evolution Home Entertainment.

KEF makes premium audio products, and Evolution says the company’s values align seamlessly with its mission to “elevate homeowners’ and business’ experiences through top-tier audio solutions.” KEF’s product line includes speakers, headphones, and immersive sound systems. 

“This collaboration underscores KEF’s dedication to delivering exceptional sound experiences and aligns perfectly with Evolution Home Entertainment’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art quality and innovation,” adds Alec Chanin, President of KEF America. “Together, we will provide homeowners and integrators with a diverse range of acoustic solutions, enhancing auditory environments and advancing excellence in custom integration.”

Evolution Home Entertainment will begin serving the Canadian market in mid to late September.

“KEF remains firmly rooted in Canada,” says the company, “dedicated to delivering exceptional sound experiences to our valued customers. Evolution Home Entertainment and KEF will be working together to enhance KEF’s distribution network to the market with a focus on their expertise on the custom integration (C.I.) market.”

For more information, contact Alex Mahdessian, National Sales Manager, Evolution Home Entertainment by phone at (416) 603-9090, ext. 230 or via e-mail at [email protected].