Fitbit Inspire 2 Devices Now Findable with Tile

Tile and Fitbit are teaming up to make sure you can always find your Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness tracker. Starting this week, your Inspire 2 device can be found using Tile’s Bluetooth finding technology. The partnership marks Tile’s entry into the wearables market and provides both new and existing Inspire 2 users access to Tile’s finding features at no additional cost

“Fitbit is empowering people to lead healthier, more active lifestyles, and we want to help by ensuring you never lose your fitness tracker,” says Tile CEO CJ Prober. “With Tile’s finding technology now available directly from your Fitbit Inspire 2, you’ll never have to worry about missing a step. Wearables are an exciting new category for us to support and a strong complement to our existing integrations with headphones and laptops.”

Finding your misplaced Fitbit is a breeze with built-in Tile technology

As an existing Inspire 2 user, starting today and rolling out this week you will be prompted to update your device software in the Fitbit app to add the Tile feature and will then be directed to download the Tile app to activate the finding tool. All new Inspire 2 devices will also be capable of enabling Tile’s finding technology.

“Now with Tile technology, we’re adding even more convenience and helpful tools to Inspire 2, our accessible, easy-to-use activity and sleep tracker,” adds Larry Yang, Director, Product Management of Fitbit Devices at Google. “We’re excited to partner with Tile so our users can focus on building healthy habits without worrying about not being able to find their misplaced device, with the potential to bring Tile’s finding technology to more Fitbit devices in the future.”

How to Find Your Misplaced Fitbit

If you misplace your Inspire 2 within Bluetooth range, such as under the couch cushions, in the hamper, behind your home office desk, or in the pocket of the jeans you worse last night, you can use the Tile app to locate it. If you’ve misplaced the tracker somewhere outside of Bluetooth range from your phone, however, you can still use the Tile app to pinpoint its last known location and leveraging Tile’s global network to find as well. Additionally, if your Inspire 2 is connected via Bluetooth to your phone, you can use your Inspire 2 to ring your phone – even when it’s on silent – so you can find the mobile device if you misplace that.

Additional features, such as Smart Alerts, can also be accessed with a Tile Premium subscription. With Tile’s Smart Alerts, the Tile app will proactively notify if you leave your Fitbit Inspire 2 behind somewhere, or are about to head out for a run and forgot it on the charger.

Fitbit’s Inspire 2 features all of the features Fitbit users know and love, including Active Zone Minutes, 20 goal-based exercise modes, advanced sleep tools, and 24/7 heart rate tracking, all with up to 10 days of battery life. The tracker comes with a one-year trial of Fitbit Premium for even more support and guidance, with access to step-by-step fitness and nutrition programs, hundreds of workouts, mindfulness content, and personalized insights to help you reach your goals.

Fitbit Inspire 2 sells in Canada for about $130. Tile Premium can be purchased within the Tile app for $3/mo. or $30/yr. 

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