Fluance Reference Series speakers

Fluance Launches Next-Gen Reference Series Speakers

Fluance has launched its second-generation Reference Series speakers, which consists of four speaker options, including floorstanding tower speakers (XL8F), bookshelf speakers (XL8S), a centre channel speaker (XL8C), and bipolar speakers (XL8BP).

The XL8F tower speakers are engineered with premium components, while the XL8S bookshelf speakers can be used as fronts in a two-channel stereo setup, as a compact home theatre system, or as surround sound speakers for rear channels. 

The XL8C center channel speaker uses a distinct driver configuration design, and the XL8BP bipolar speakers create omni-directional acoustics. 

The Reference Series uses woven fiber drivers that provide vibrational damping and optimal linear movement that Fluance says results in a faithful reproduction of original recordings. 

Each speaker also includes premium neodymium silk dome tweeters that provide spacious off axis dispersion. 

All of the new speakers in the line are made using acoustically inert wood enclosures that feature a sealed cabinet (XL8C, XL8BP) or vented bass-reflex design (XL8F, XL8S) for a controlled low-frequency bass response. The wood cabinets of the XL8F tower speakers have rigid internal bracing to prevent unwanted resonance and are composed of separate internal enclosures to keep sound waves isolated and eliminate any acoustic interference. 

The Fluance Reference Series speakers are available now: the XL8F is US$600, XL8S US$180, XL8C US$150, and XL8BP US$200.