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GoDaddy’s New E-Commerce Features Include Integration with Amazon, eBay, Instagram

GoDaddy Inc. has launched a slew of new e-commerce features, including integration with Amazon and eBay, for publishing on Instagram.

Customers can now sell their products on Amazon and eBay through GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, allowing small business owners to expand their ecommerce store offerings and find new customers.

According to GoDaddy Canada, 68% more of its customers with an online store were actively selling products during the first three months of 2021, versus the same period last year.

And now, Canadian entrepreneurs and small business owners can sell their products on Amazon and eBay, through a single dashboard view. They can also now use Websites + Marketing to publish posts directly to Instagram, enabling them to easily promote their products and brand online.

The new Marketplaces feature combines GoDaddy’s signature Websites + Marketing website builder with a suite of powerful ecommerce tools. Marketplaces enables business owners to list their inventory with a growing roster of retailers while using Websites + Marketing to manage orders and shipping across these platforms, all from one place. There are no additional add-ons or plug-ins needed.

Using their existing Websites + Marketing product catalogue, customers can list products with Amazon and eBay with a few clicks and everything is kept updated for them. All orders come into one place, so customers won’t need to login to each marketplace to see what they’ve sold, what needs to be shipped, and what needs to be restocked. Finally, inventory is automatically adjusted and synced as orders are received, so customers don’t need to worry about accidentally overselling out of stock items.

In addition to Amazon and eBay integration, Websites + Marketing now enables customers to schedule, publish, and monitor their company’s Instagram account from the Websites + Marketing dashboard.  

“While selling online has been a key driver of sales, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important to ensure businesses are set up for digital success,” says Anne De Aragon, Vice President and Country Manager, GoDaddy Canada. “With the integrations with Amazon, eBay and Instagram, we’re excited to offer these powerful new features as part of our growing suite of ecommerce and digital marketing tools to ensure Canadian businesses can create a professional and unique online shopping experience to thrive in the digital economy.”

Designed to be a single tool to manage an online and ecommerce presence, GoDaddy Websites + Marketing combines a professional website with an online store, digital marketing suite, SEO, and security protections, and helpful customer support, all integrated together to help a business easily manage their online presence.  

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