Google Nest Aware is Rolling Out in Canada

By WiFi HiFi

The new version of Google Nest Aware is officially rolling out in Canada, offering Google Nest device owners the ability to subscribe for monitoring.

With Nest Aware, which starts at $8/mo. or $80 for an annual subscription, you get 30 days of event video history. Or pay double for 24/7 video history, 60 days of event video history, and 10 days of 24/7 video history. 

Compatible devices will begin recording event clips as soon as they detect motion or sound and provide you with the clips you need so you can see when something happens, like a package was delivered. You can also get 24/7 continuous recording on an outdoor camera with Nest Aware Plus.

A Nest Hub Max could also be used with Nest Aware to help owners take care of loved ones remotely, like elderly parents. Use Duo video calling, for example, or Nest Aware. The family member would simple have to invite you as a home member and enable their speaker or display and you’ll begin to get notifications if something requires your attention.

For those who already have a Nest Aware subscription, you can upgrade to the new version through the Google Store. Upgrading, however, requires that you migrate to a Google account if you have not yet done so. Customers can also keep their current subscriptions if they so choose. 

Google will also be rolling out package detection globally, anywhere that Nest Hello is sold. Additionally, pricing has been updated for some products in Canada: the Nest Hub will now sell for $100 and the Nest Cam Indoor for $180.