Hayu reality TV streaming

NBC’s Hayu is Now Accessible Through Xbox Consoles

NBCUniversal International (NBCUI) has confirmed a new partnership with Xbox to make its hayu all-reality TV subscription-based video-on-demand service available through the Microsoft gaming consoles.

Hayu offers access to a wide variety of reality TV programming for viewers who love guilty pleasure content like The Real Housewives, Below Deck, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The service is launching through Xbox in 22 territories, including Canada. Subscribers can view over 8,000 episodes (depending on licensing in each specific territory) of top reality shows, easily accessed through the entertainment console. The programming includes unscripted sun-genres in home and design, dating, cooking, crime, and fashion. To avoid spoilers, most U.S. shows are available on hayu on the same day as their U.S. broadcast.                

“This has been an incredible year for hayu with 2021 marking our fifth year of operation in the UK, Ireland and Australia along with launches in new territories and extended distribution globally through partnerships with affiliates and device manufacturers,” says Hendrik McDermott, Managing Director, hayu. “This exciting partnership with Xbox, hayu’s first console partner, extends our distribution to more devices and makes the service even more accessible. Through Xbox’s industry-leading range of consoles and the Microsoft Store on Xbox, reality fans can enjoy a seamless and convenient viewing experience of the best reality TV – all through one entertainment hub.”

Hayu is available for $5.99 a taxes per month and will be accessible on Xbox One and Xbos Series X and S consoles.