Helm Audio Launches DB12 AAAMP Portable Headphone Amp

By David Susilo

Helm Audio Ltd. has launched its new DB12 AAAMP Mobile Headphone Amplifier, which received an Innovation Honoree Award at CES 2020 earlier this year, which comes powered by THX AAA Amplifier Technology (DB12 AAAMP). 

The Helm DB12 AAAMP is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and plugs into any supported mobile device, which includes compatible Android, iOS, MacOs, or PCs, to deliver studio grade analog amplification from your mobile to any pair of 3.5mm headphones. 

Powered by THX AAA technology and THX Certified, the DB12 AAAMP provides +12 dB of zero distortion volume gain, improved stereo imaging and clarity (true linear amplification), plus an optional user-controlled +6 dB bass boost. It can run for more than six hours of play time per change.

“The Helm DB12 AAAMP epitomizes Helm’s mission to deliver studio-level audio quality to our mobile world at a price point that democratizes audiophile quality,” says Eric Johnson, CEO of Helm Audio. “Working together with our partner in audio innovation, THX, we have infused the Helm DNA with some of the latest and greatest audio technologies on the market to create a world first mobile headphone amplifier.”

Helm Audio has partnered with Drop, an e-commerce community of product enthusiasts, to offer the DB12 AAAMP at 25% off for a limited quantity. Afterwards, the device will be available at its regular MSRP of $200.