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WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Gifts for Busy Moms and Dads

It’s that time of year again! We’re back with the WiFi HiFi Holiday Gift Guides! Not sure what to get that special someone on your list? It has been a particularly tough year, and we all deserve some joy. There are lots of tech gift to suit an enduring passion, new hobby, personality, or style. Here, we’ll look at great gift ideas for busy moms and dads to enjoy during those rare moments when they have time to themselves.

Waterpik Sonic Fusion 2.0 Toothbrush

Waterpik Sonic Fusion 2.0

A toothbrush might sound like a silly gift for someone, not to mention it could have them questioning whether there’s a reason they’re finding it under the tree. But this is no ordinary toothbrush. It’s a high-tech brush that allows you to both brush your teeth and floss at the same time. Ideal for time-starved busy parents, it allows them to keep up with their dental hygiene without rushing to skip a step because they just want to get to bed or have to rush to make lunches and get the kids off to school. Designed to be up to two times as effective as regular brushing and flossing, it reportedly helps remove 99.9% of plaque when used correctly. It has three modes that you can swap among via the push of a button: brush, floss, or brush and floss together. Get one for someone special you know will appreciate it for $250.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader

Kindle Paperwhite

Busy moms and dads could all appreciate some downtime, and after spending all day on a computer or in front of one screen or another, while surfing on a tablet or watching TV is nice, they might appreciate something a little easier on the eyes. With an eReader, they can curl up with a gripping novel while still enjoying the benefits of technology. This one has an auto-adjusting warm light sensor, wireless charging, and a large 6.8-inch display with a thin 10.2mm bezel. There’s no glare on the screen so they can read while relaxing on the back deck during the day, or brighten it up for late-night reading when the kids are finally in bed. The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition comes with an auto-adjusting front light that automatically adapts the brightness of the display based on the lighting around you so you can comfortably read in all conditions. Both last for up to 10 weeks per charge, the longest in a Kindle to date, and recharge in about 2.5 hours. With an an IPX8 rating, they can withstand accidental drops in the bathtub (for some “me-time with bubbles and a glass of wine, perhaps?), hot tub, pool, and ocean. The Paperwhite comes with 8 GB standard storage and the Signature edition 32 GB for storing thousands of titles. The Kindle Paperwhite comes in black for $150 and the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is $210, also in black. For a limited time, they come with a free, two-month membership to Kindle Unlimited.

Apple iPhone 13 Smartphone

iPhone 13 colours

Parents rely on their smartphones for a lot, whether it’s work, keeping track of personal and business appointments, streaming video, social networking, or casting apps to the TV for their morning workout routine or big-screen experience while working at home. The new iPhone 13 will cost a pretty penny but if you want to spoil a parent who has been working hard all year, and who is in dire need of upgrading their old iPhone, this is the one to get. It has a sizable 6.1-inch screen and boasts upgrades like the Apple A15 Bionic chip, Super Retina XDR display with Ceramic Shield front cover, better battery life and camera performance. Choose from one of five colours and storage that starts at 128GB (always get more than you think you’ll need unless you want to opt for iCloud storage as well as a monthly fee). It’s IP68-rated for water resistance and connects to a 5G network. The price? It starts at $1,099 but if you’re getting this for a significant other and have access to their account, you can get them an upgrade on contract with a wireless carrier for less.

Apple iPad Tablet

Apple iPad ninth-gen

On the subject of Apple, for those parents who don’t spend all day on screens, or enjoy past-times like gaming, web surfing, or watching video on their mobile device, the new 10.2-inch iPad is a great option. It features the Apple A13 Bionic chip, Center Stage, which is great if they do a lot of video calls, ensuring they are always in the centre of the frame, and True Tone. The ninth generation iPad starts at $429 ($599 for the model with Cellular) and comes equipped with a 12MP Ultra-Wide front camera with Center Stage, support for Apple Pencil (1st generation) and Smart Keyboard the intuitive iPadOS 15, and twice the storage of the previous generation. If you want to go all out, and you think they’ll use it for productivity on-the-go as well, grab the Smart Keyboard (from $219) and first-gen Apple Pencil ($129), too, and you’re still looking at under a grand.

Kabuto Smart Luggage and Backpack

Kabuto smart luggage

With travel restrictions set to ease further in the new year, and already easing in some provinces and states, parents might be back to traveling for work once again, or pleasure. This stylish and functional luggage has a twist: the matching backpack attaches magnetically to the expanding Trunk luggage so you can easily roll both together with you around the airport and into the hotel. The hard-shell Trunk, which is biometrically sealed, expands from nine to 18 litres to hold all your essentials for a big trip. It has a TSA-approved removable battery for recharging all your devices, while the Kabuto TSA-approved biometric sensor keeps valuables safe with the touch of your finger and unlocks in just 1/100th of a second. Weighing just 10 lbs., the trunk can fit more than a standard suitcase, with adjustable compartments that create space while the packing cube and suit sleeve provide extra protection. The Kabuto Trunk features metal-bearing wheels and real tires for a 360-degree tread that’s nearly silent. Check the full-sized Kabuto Trunk and retain your valuables by magnetically unclipping your Kabuto backpack. The Kabuto backpack snaps to the trunk via a Fidlock mechanism for a secure connection.

The new trunk and backpack are still on pre-order, (understandably given the parts and labor shortages we’re experiencing due to the pandemic), special limited-time pricing starts at $299 ($429 MSRP) for the backpack and $629 ($899 MSRP) for the trunk. There’s no guarantee it will arrive in time for Christmas. But if you plan to go on a trip sometime in the winter or spring 2022, or you don’t mind waiting, it might be worth it.

Kokoon Smart Sleep Solution

Kokoon Relax headphones

Every parent needs a good night’s sleep, and Kokoon is an interesting sleep aid: it’s a smart sleep solution that combines bio-sensing headphones with smart algorithms to help you get a better night’s sleep. Founder Tim Antos says he himself suffered from insomnia and found sessions at a sleep clinic to be beneficial. He created Kokoon as a more convenient, cheaper way to get access to the techniques he was introduced to at the sleep clinic. Kokoon consists of both software and hardware that work together to help you switch off and calm your mind. The Kokoon app can be used for audio techniques, music, and coaching, all developed with the help of sleep professionals. Many of the techniques feature Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Kokoon uses these audio techniques to deliver a customized content experience for the individual by using sensor data gathered from the headphones. For example, as you fall asleep with the headphones in bed, the sensors detect this and working with the mobile app can change the audio response, fading out the content and introducing white noise to mask out disturbances. Over time, the platform understands you better, and can personalize your app experience, through audio programmes and tips. The first hardware product to work with Kokoon’s software solution and app are the Relax headphones, which have raised close to $2 million on Kickstarter. They employ the Flexmould Comfort patented design that help them mould to the shape of your head so they’re comfortable to wear. Thanks to the natural fibre fabric, air can flow easily through the ear cups as well, keeping your ears cool while you wear the headphones for long periods of time. The ear cushions can also be detached and washed so they are always fresh and clean. Kokoon’s noise-masking technology helps block noises like snoring and outside traffic. In addition to wearing the headphones while sleeping, you can also use them as regular Bluetooth headphones offering premium acoustics from a 40mm electro dynamic driver. They come with a carrying case for $399.

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

There’s nothing worse for a busy parent trying to rush out the door to get the kids to school or hockey practice on time then when they can’t find their keys. AirTag is an iPhone accessory that allows owners to locate lost items using the Apple Find My app. Attach the AirTag to a valuable item like a handbag, backpack, keychain, camera strap, or gym bag, for example, and it can tap into the Find My network to locate the item if you have lost or misplaced it. Location data is kept private and anonymous, with end-to-end encryption. Made of stainless steel and IP67 water and dust resistant, each has its own built-in speaker to play a sound to help you locate keys that are in your other jacket pocket in the closet or in your jeans in the hamper. You can also ask Siri to find an item to make the AirTag ring. If the item is out of Bluetooth range, like a wallet you forget at the local patio or gym bag you forgot at the office, you’ll be able to pinpoint the last known location on a map using the Find My network of users (in countries where the service is available). Put the AirTag in Lost Mode and you will get a notification once the item is in range or whenever it has been located. If another iPhone user finds your item, they can tap it using their smartphone or any other NFC-enabled device and be taken to a website that advises them of your contact phone number, if you have provided one. The removable cover makes it easy to pop in a new battery when needed. Set up is similar to AirPods: just hold the AirTag close to your iPhone and it will automatically connect. Once connected, you can assign different AirTags to different items, like Car Keys or Kids Backpack, or make a custom name, like Spare Shed Keys. Grab one for $39 or a pack of four for $129. Make the gift even more personal with free engraving, and don’t forget to grab a loop or keyring to go with it.

Google Hub Smart Display

Google Nest Hub smart display

A smart display can serve as a hub of the home, and this one is aptly named just that. Use Quick Gestures to pause or play content at any time by tapping the air in front of the display. Display all compatible connected devices in a single place. For parents who decide to place the Nest Hub on their bedside table, they can leverage Sleep Sensing, which uses Motion Sense, powered by Soli low-energy radar technology, to analyze how the person closest to the display is sleeping based on their movement and breathing. The opt-in feature can also detect sleep disturbances, like coughing or snoring, as well as light and temperature changes in the room using the built-in microphones, ambient light and temperature sensors. Each morning, a personalized sleep summary will appear on the display, or simply say “Hey Google, how did I sleep?” to get the details. Sleep Sensing can also be connected to the Google Fit app on Android or iOS devices, allowing you to view your sleep summary from your phone, along all of the other captured health and wellness information. You can also get tailored bedtime schedules and personalized suggestions on how to improve, which are compiled after several nights of analysis. You can select when or if you want Sleep Sensing on at all. If you decide not to use Sleep Sensing, the Nest Hub will still dim when it’s night-time and you can use the “Your evening” page to help you wind down before bedtime with relaxing sounds. Wake up to the Sunrise Alarm, which gradually brightens the display and increases the alarm volume. Want an extra 10 minutes of sleep? Wave your hand to snooze the alarm. The Nest Hub comes in Chalk, Charcoal, Sand, and the new Mist finish and features an edgeless glass display that’s easy to clean and looks great as a digital photo frame when displaying a single image or slideshow. $130

Yeti Rambler Tumbler With Magslider Lid

YETI Rambler Tumbler

Coffee, tea, or smoothies on-the-go are staple for busy parents, and when it comes to keeping your beverages piping hot or perfectly chilled for long periods of time, it doesn’t get any better than Yeti. This 10-ounce tumbler comes in a range of colours and features the splash-resistant, smooth-sliding MagSlider Lid so there’s no rushing back inside to make sure your white blouse or dress shirt isn’t ruined from a splash of java while you were rushing to grab a sip before getting into the car or while hitting a bump in the road. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, making clean-up a breeze. $40

Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill

Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill

It can actually be quite soothing to stand by the grill and cook meats, poultry, or vegetables. And while Canada is heading into the chilly winter temperatures, a warm jacket and a pair of boots means there’s no reason to stop grilling through the colder months. This pellet grill has a 572 square-foot cooking area – large enough to fit 24 burgers, five racks of ribs, or four whole chickens – and uses the company’s Wifire technology, which allows for monitoring and controlling the grill from anywhere using the app, which means you can stay cozy inside, only heading out to check on the cook when absolutely needed. The D2 controller ensures the precise temperature is maintained at all times. With porcelain-coated grill grates, all-terrain wheels, locking caster wheels, and turbo temperature, it’s the perfect grill to use in Canada all year ’round. $1,100

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Speaker

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin

The parents might have their own hideaway room where they can sit back and relax with a good book, a TV show, sporting event, or simply a good pair of headphones or speaker and their favourite music playing from a streaming service, turntable, or other source device. Spoil them with the latest version of the Bowers & Wilkins popular Zeppelin wireless speaker, which it describes as being “smarter and more flexible,” with high resolution sound that is “more detailed and dynamic” than its predecessor. It’s a complete stereo system in a single component that comes equipped with reference quality drive unit technologies arranged in dedicated left and right speaker assemblies around a central, large subwoofer, all powered by 240W of amplification. Available in both a dark midnight grey and light pearl grey finish, the redesigned Zeppelin includes switchable, dimmable ambient lighting to create a ‘halo’ effect on to its metal pedestal stand. The new Zeppelin also includes both AirPlay 2 and aptX Adaptive Bluetooth for streaming high-quality tunes from both iOS and Android devices, as well as other Bluetooth-enabled gear. There’s also Spotify Connect for subscribers of that popular music streaming service. Control playback from the Bowers & Wilkins Music app, which affords access to other popular streaming services like Deezer, Last.fm, Qobuz, Soundcloud, Tidal, and TuneIn. The smart hifi Bluetooth speaker also has built-in Alexa for voice control, without the need to connect an external component, like another Alexa speaker. Alternatively, there are also physical buttons on the top, rear for manual control. With multiroom capability planned for introduction in early 2022, the new Zeppelin will be compatible with both other new Zeppelins in a multiroom environment or, if you prefer, a multiroom system based on Bowers & Wilkins own Formation range of high-resolution wireless speakers. It’s $999 but consider getting the optional wall bracket as well for another $130.

LG 75″ Nano90 NanoCell TV with ThinQ AI


As they say, go big or go home. We recently upgraded our basement theatre room TV with this model, using it mostly for streaming TV, video gaming, and workout videos. It’s an absolutely gorgeous picture with a screen that totally immerses you in the action. Boasting 4K with AI picture and sound along with the webOS 6.0 smart TV player, Magic Remote, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay, the feature that really sold us was TruMotion 240 refresh rate, which is a game-changer for gaming. As an upgrade for your main living room TV, with the right amount of space and a favourable viewing distance (for a TV of that size, ideally you’ll want to be sitting at least 6.3 feet away from the display), it’s the perfect splurge for busy parents to get the most out of their relaxing TV time whenever they have the time to indulge. Grab it for about $2,500.

Bartesian Machine and Advent Calendar

Bartesian 12 Days of Bartesian advent calendar

Parents are so busy making sure the kids are set with their advent calendars, elves on shelves, and plenty of gifts under the tree in time for Christmas. But parents deserve some indulgence, too, and this can come in the form of an adult-friendly advent calendar. Bartesian, which makes its popular home cocktail machine and drink pods filled with high-quality bitters, essences, juices, and other ingredients that you can mix with your own favourite spirits, has released a 12 Days of Bartesian advent calendar for adults. Each night of the 12 leading up to Christmas, once the kids are in bed, the parents can sit back and relax while sampling a new holiday-inspired cocktail, like spiced old fashioned, rosemerry pomegranate gin, mistletoe margarita, or yuletide hurricane. What’s more, you can feel good about the purchase as a portion of the proceeds go towards supporting the Holiday for Hope campaign for underserved and homeless youth in the company’s home city of Chicago. It’s the perfect gift for someone who already owns the machine.

Bartesian Cocktail machine

If you or the person you think might like this calendar don’t yet have a Bartesian machine, why not grab one as well? It’s a great machine to have for those who entertain a lot, and setting one up for the holidays means it’s ready to go for New Year’s Eve. The great thing about the samples is that you can get an idea of what you like and don’t like, then stock up on your favourite pods in time to ring in the new year. The Bartesian Cocktail Machine sells in Canada for about $500 and the limited-edition advent calendar is US$30, selling only through Bartesian.com.