House of Marley Get Together Duo

House of Marley Debuts Duo Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

House of Marley has introduced its first pair of bookshelf speakers, the Get Together Duo, which is an expansion of its popular Get Together line of Bluetooth speakers. As with other products in the House of Marley line, the speakers are made using mindfully sourced materials like bamboo and the company’s signature REWIND fabric, which is made from reclaimed organic cotton and hemp.

“Our conscious construction is unique not only to our materials but how we apply them to the product,” says House of Marley’s Director of Product Development, Josh Poulsen. “We use materials for their sustainable properties and their aesthetic quality, but also for their acoustical, mechanical properties as well.

“The bamboo in the Get Together Duo,” he adds, “provides a modern look that’s rooted in a highly renewable natural resource. Produced using a carbon positive process, bamboo

has a higher compressive strength than wood and a tensile strength that rivals steel. This allows the speakers to be more durable, while also enhancing the warm, rich sound.”

The Get Together Duo speaker pair can operate for up to 20 hours per charge from the right channel speaker and can easily sync with mobile devices, televisions, laptops, or wireless turntables while delivering stereo sound. The left mains-powered speaker can remain on the shelf while the right battery powered speaker can be positioned on the other side of the room, house, or even brought outdoors.

House of Marley Get Together Duo

Each speaker measures 7.8” tall, 5” wide, and 4” deep. They are perfectly matched to the House of Marley Stir it Up Wireless turntable, both featuring the signature bamboo finish. They feature 3.5″ woofers and 1″ tweeters offering a total of 20W sound along with Bluetooth 5.0 for wirelesss connectivity, AUX and Phono inputs, and USB-C charging.

The House of Marley get together Duo sells for $250 per pair in Canada.