House of Marley One Drop wireless charger

House of Marley Takes Sustainability to the World of Charging Accessories

House of Marley is known for its sustainable audio products, from portable speakers to over-ear headphones and true wireless earbuds. And now the company is taking sustainability into the accessories world with a new line of charging accessories.

Crafted from mindfully sourced materials including highly renewable bamboo and recycled plastics, the new accessories include the One Drop Wireless Charger (US$50), the REWIND 3.5mm M/M Audio Cable (US$30), and the REWIND Charging Cables, available in USB-C to Lightning (1.5-meter, US$35 and 3-meter, US$50), USB-C to USB-A (3-meter, US$35) and USB-C to USB-C (3-meter, US$35). All the new accessories come in 100% plastic-free recyclable packaging.

The One Drop wireless charger includes a premium quality, Qi-certified pad that powers Apple and Android phones as well as compatible earbuds. Place your phone or earbud case on top of the pad to begin charging.

House of Marley One Drop wireless charger

The One Drop’s durable sides and base are made from REGRIND Silicone, a unique material created by reclaiming and upcycling post-process silicone scraps that would otherwise go to waste, while the charging pad itself is crafted with CNC-milled bamboo. The wireless charger’s integrated REGRIND Silicone Cable Management strap helps keep everything organized on your tabletop or in your bag.

The REWIND charging cables are also crafted with premium quality, sustainable materials including FSC Walnut sourced from responsibly managed forests. The braided cables use REWIND fabric woven with 99% post-consumer recycled GRS certified material and have a convenient cable management strap made from upcycled REGRIND silicone and recycled aluminum. An extended strain relief provides added protection against normal wear and tear.

House of Marley REWIND charging cables

The cables, as noted, are available in MFI certified USB-C to Lightning, and USB-IF certified USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C, for improved safety and quality.

Coming soon will be the REWIND audio cable, which offers a 3.5 mm to 3.5mm jack for connecting a mobile device, speaker, turntable, or headphones via the 3M audio cable for direct audio playback. Like the charging cables, the REWIND Audio Cable has an FSC Walnut cable enclosure, a durable extended strain relief, and a REGRIND silicone cable management strap to keep cables organized.

House of Marley cable management

“House of Marley is committed to minimizing the environmental footprint of the electronics that are a part of our daily lives,” says Joshua Poulsen, House of Marley’s Director of Product Development. “This value is at the centre of our first line of charging accessories.

“The market,” he continues, “is flooded with poorly made products that quickly end up in landfills, contributing to global e-waste. At House of Marley, we do things differently. We specifically created our new accessories to last longer through premium, sustainable materials and timeless design – engineering our cables to be stronger and last longer and minimizing waste by using upcycled materials.”

House of Marley’s eco-conscious identity was created in collaboration with the Marley family to carry on Bob Marley’s legacy of love for music, people, and the planet. House of Marley’s global give back initiative, Project Marley, supports global reforestation and ocean preservation through One Tree Planted and the Surfrider Foundation.