The Huawei MateView is immersive with a 34" curved screen

Huawei MateView GT Game Monitor Impresses

Pros: Stunning design, excellent onscreen features management, fast smooth refresh rate for games and crisp easy to read fonts. This screen delivers. The touch bar sound and colour LED stripe is mesmerizing. Can’t wait to get to my desktop PC for that 21:9 immersive wide view every morning.

Cons: The built-in stereo speaker has average sound quality but its forward location can still impress. Huawei could have managed better speakers with more bass in the same tube space. This is not an IPS monitor and has a narrow viewing sweet spot so someone sitting next to you would notice an image degradation.

An eye-popping 34” aggressively 1500R curved gaming monitor with killer looks and functions from a company known for industry leading smartphones?

Not just for gamers but productivity users too

Huawei isn’t just about smartphones. It has been applying its industry-leading design ideas on impressive consumer health monitoring bands and watches as well as earbuds, laptops and tablets with unique innovations for the past several years. But their new mouse pad that also wirelessly charges an amazing gaming mouse reviewed here in my recent gifting guide as well as a second 4K office Huawei MateView monitor are raising eyebrows.

Huawei MateView GT Hands On

Meet the Huawei’s ultimate flagship MateView GT 34-inch curved gaming monitor $749, whose looks stand out as much as what it does. Not only will it please the PC gaming community with an impressive display but it can also be a go-to monitor for any consumer wanting a breathtaking vivid and sharp panorama multi-tasking work desk.

Huawei designers and engineers threw every feature in a curved monitor that has it all and then some. Check these out.

Physical Functionality

Classy looks feature a cylindrical lit touch base with built-in stereo soundbar. Sweep the long touch base LED strip for volume or selected LED colours and more. The light can match the colour and beat of a streaming video and the two smart near-field microphones sound loud and clear even during gameplay or movie watching. The screwless assembly is a breeze attaching the base to the screen with a simple click.

The onscreen display wih five-way control button

A small centrally located 5-way directional button below the 3440 x 1440 screen frame helped me navigate through more than 30 personal preference settings on an OSD  (On Screen Display).  Like setting OSD transparency, enhanced game performances, static or breathing light to quick shortcuts. The built-in cord management is excellent. It also complies with the VESA 100mm x 100mm standard for wall or monitor arm stands (losing the base speaker, FYI). The cool ‘silver frost ring’ design on the back provides an aesthetic touch to let HUAWEI MateView GT really stand out from the crowd.

Simplistic lines

The monitor elevation adjusts to 110 mm easily with one finger thanks to the balanced built-in counterweight and the pitch angle by 5 degrees forwards and 20 degrees back is handy. There are two HDMI and one DP monitor connections, two USB-C connects – one for monitor power and the other for hooking up to another display like phone or tablet, even charging laptops or phones. The higher ZQU-CAA model which I tested also has a headphone jack, handy for adding a better quality speaker or when wall mounting the screen. Nice!

How Good is That Screen

164Hz refresh rate for smoother action motion

The MateView GT has a generous 165Hz refresh rate for smooth action motion or panning scenes compared to non-gaming 60Hz refresh rate of standard monitors. Compare that to the 120Hz refresh rate only the priciest smartphone screens have. It’s well suited for casual+ gamers and certainly can accommodate non-gaming duties. In productivity mode I noticed smooth dragging app boxes across the wide screen. Check these screen specs out:

  • 165Hz refresh rates
  • Cinema-Level P3 Colour
  • Delta E < 2 accuracy
  • 90% DCI-P3 wide colour gamut
  • 4000:1 Dynamic Range
  • 1.07 billion colours
  • 1500R curvature

I got a virtually unlimited richness in hues in highly visual game scenes with additional colour bumping for games or when editing my photos in Adobe Photoshop.­

Audio on Steroids

Dual mic intelligent Pickup System

Although the stereo sound bar tucked in the front cylindrical stand is average it manages to impress being closer to me than the screen above and behind it. Sliding the horizontal LED bar is responsive for volume and eye-candy colours. The smart dual mic system, picked up my voice from several meters away from any direction. It was relatively clean in the receiver end using echo cancelation, background noise cancelation and automatic short distance modes.  With all this sound filtering, receivers easily still recognized my voice. This means I can talk to someone while the bar speakers are blasting away.

The Wide Screen Experience

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is breathtaking on a wide curved screen like the MateView GT

Having a wider view in gaming makes for an immersive experience seeing so much more from the sides. It a raises my situational awareness knowing what was coming from my nine and three O’clock in first person games.

Three levels of easier viewing in dark gaming scenes

The ‘Dark Field Control’ feature adjusts the display brightness in low-light scenes, so you can spot your opponent before they spot you. Take aim much more easily with the ‘Crosshairs’ on-screen digital target sights. I am a Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 fan and seeing more than just the cockpit in front of me makes me feel like I’m really flying. I was high just flying through cumulus clouds over Dubai (Pic) and flying in formation simply rocks. 

Who Should Buy It

Touch sound and color scrolling are unique to the MateView GT

The MateView GT won’t match top-of-the line gaming monitors with 200+ Hz refresh rates, more effective HDR and LED screens and eArc, all costing more. But it’s right on target for a mid-level+ gaming screen with clean attractive design and innovative sound and light effects.

Available at $749 which includes a free bundled Huawei Wireless Mouse and Charging Mouse Pad. Offer ends 2022-01-19.