Jabra Elite 7 true wireless earbuds

Jabra Reveals Three New Wireless Earbuds in its Elite Line for Premium, Active, and Entry-Level

Jabra has added three new wireless earbud models to its Elite line, the Elite 7 Pro for a premium sound experience, Elite 7 Active for sports and fitness enthusiasts, and the entry-level Elite 3, each of which features a new technology, from Jabra MultiSensor Voice in the Elite 7 Pro to new Jabra ShakeGrip technology in the Elite 7 Active.

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro features Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology that uses a voice pick-up (VPU) sensor in both earbuds combined with a bone conduction sensor, four microphones and algorithms to ensure crystal clear calls. The intelligent algorithms constantly analyze the types of noise picked up by the built-in microphones; for example, they automatically activate the VPU sensor when wind noise is detected. Bone conduction technology is used to transmit voice via jawbone vibrations. The intelligent algorithm then uses the best combination of the bone conduction sensor and microphones to transmit the best call clarity.

In addition, adjustable Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) creates a fully immersive experience. Sound can be personalized further by creating an audio profile with Jabra MySound technology and using HearThrough, a technology that allows you to define exactly how much outside noise you want to let in.

The Elite 7 Pro earbuds are 16% smaller than the popular Jabra Elite 75t, Jabra’s smallest earbuds to-date. By leveraging Jabra’s 62,000 unique ear scans, the company was able to create a map of the average human ear and use the insights to completely redesign the earbud.

The earbuds come with nine hours of non-stop play time with ANC and 35 hours with the charging case. Fast charging delivers 1.2 hours of power in just five minutes. The Elite 7 Pro comes with Alexa built-in, as well as Siri and Google Assistant (with Android devices.)  

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro will sell for an MSRP of US$199.

For fitness and sports enthusiasts, or those looking for a good pair of earbuds to wear at the gym or while out for a walk or run, the Jabra Elite 7 Active (US$179) uses liquid silicone rubber and a wing free design as well as the new ShakeGrip coating designed to give the ultimate fit whatever your movements. The microphone mesh removes wind from calls for users who engage in outdoor activities, while the performance-boosting audio ensures a powerful music experience during a workout, says Jabra.

Finally, there’s the Jabra Elite 3 entry-level earbuds (US$79) that come in at a lower price point. They feature 6mm speakers and four-microphone call technology, a music equalizer, Qualcomm aptX HD audio, and seven hours of battery life (28 hours including the charging case). They offer noise isolation with HearThrough awareness, and are designed for comfortable, all-day wear. They come in trending colours including lilac, light beige, dark grey and navy.

“We are more connected than ever before,” says René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Jabra. “The world has also never been noisier, which requires innovative technology to ensure people have clear calls and a superior music experience. At Jabra, we use our many years of experience to push the boundaries of technology, with the launch of our Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active and Elite 3 earbuds as a result. The introduction of these new products signifies huge developments within the market, and we are excited to be at the forefront.”