Joby GripTight for MagSafe

The Joby GripTight System of MagSafe Accessories is For the Latest iPhones

Joby has introduced its new GripTight system for MagSafe, designed for vloggers and content creators to use alongside a new iPhone 12 and later smartphones with MagSafe technology.

The device is designed to fit any MagSafe-enabled iPhone via a hybrid clamp that offers 360° rotation for positioning the phone in either portrait or landscape mode. It works with the Joby ecosystem via the ¼ -20” mounting and multiple mounting points on the clamp.

The multiple mounting points allow it to be incorporated into a rig with the GorillaPod as well as allowing the user to include Beamo lights and Wavo mics for a professional-level mobile unit that’s lightweight and portable. The mount is also compatible with most of the other Joby supports, not just GorillaPods. 

Joby GripTight for MagSafe

With the GripTight jaws twisted back, the MagSafe magnet kicks in and allows the user to position their iPhone instantly. When the jaws twist in, the phone is held securely.

While the unit can be paired with the GorillaPod for versatile positioning, it can also be used with the wall mount that allows the user to go hands-free – perfect for recipe vlogs or make-up tutorials. Position the wall-mounted phone in the chosen position and hit ‘record.’ The wall mount can be positioned on most smooth, flat surfaces.

The Joby GripTight Mount for MagSafe can be paired with the Wavo Mobile, Beamo Mini, RangePod, and GorillaPod. It weighs 3.17 oz. and measures 6.34” x 1.22” x 2.36″.

Joby’s GripTight MagSafe accessories are available today starting at US$24.95 for the Wall Mount, US$39.95 for the Mount for MagSafe, and US$69.95 for the GorillaPod for MagSafe.