Kanto SX Series speakers

Kanto Audio Intros Premium SX Series Speaker Stands

Kanto has introduced its SX Series speaker stands, two premium-quality 22- and 26-inch-high stands that offer an understated appearance along with vibration isolation, easy cable management, and useful accessories to accommodate a variety of stand-mounted loudspeakers.

 Available in black or white, Kanto SX Series speaker stands have an exclusive isolation system that effectively decouples the stands from the floor and enable the loudspeakers to deliver maximum clarity, says Kanto. Two top plates are included to accommodate a range of speaker sizes, and foam damping padding for the plates can be installed if desired.

The heavy-duty base plates are fitted with Kanto’s custom-designed isolation system, and the spikes can be adjusted from the top of the base, making it easy to level the stands. A bullseye level is included. The heavy base plates ensure stability, while also lowering the resonance of the stands for improved sound quality, Kanto explains.

Kanto SX speaker stands

“We developed a bespoke isolation system for the SX Series that nestles into hexagonal holes in the base of the stands,” says Jason Zavarella, Kanto Product Manager. “It consists of a custom-molded silicon bushing mated to a cast-metal holster. The assembly allows the black-oxide-coated carpet spikes to support the stands without physically touching the base. With no metal-on-metal contact, users can be sure that any vibration that somehow did not get damped through sheer mass of the stand will not reach your floor or enter the room.”

Kanto SX Series stands feature a cable-management channel to conceal the speaker cables – even multiple thick cables can be accommodated. The stands can accommodate speakers of up to 40 pounds (18.1 kg) and are supplied with bags that can be filled with material of the user’s choice to provide added stability.

Kanto SX Series speaker stands are currently available for an MSRP of US $350 per pair for the 22-inch model and US$400 per pair for the 26-inch-high stands. They carry a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.