Kasa KS205

Kasa Unveils New Matter-Certified Smart Light Switches

Kasa Smart has introduced two new Matter-certified smart light switches, the Kasa KS205 Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch, Matter and Kasa KS225 Smart Wi-Fi Light Dimmer Switch, Matter. These devices offer full compatibility with all certified smart home platforms, smooth LAN control, and multi-admin capability.

The Kasa Matter-certified light switches allow you to control lights from anywhere with the Kasa App and a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. With advanced scheduling and timer features, these switches can automatically turn lights on and off based on your preferences, even when you are away from home. The Away Mode adds an extra layer of security by simulating an at-home presence, deterring potential intruders. Further, voice control support enables you to effortlessly manage connected lights through Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Kasa KS225

With the Kasa KS225 Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch, you can easily adjust the light’s dimming range from one to 100%, either by sliding a finger on the switch, using the Kasa app, or via voice commands. Both Kasa light switches require a neutral wire and feature a guided installation process compatible with standard-sized wall plates.

The KS205 and KS225 are designed with Matter, the new universal smart home standard, making them compatible with all certified smart home platforms, including Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings. This allows you to control all your smart home devices from a single app, reducing the need for multiple apps for different devices.

Kasa KS205

Matter introduces smooth LAN control, enabling seamless communication between Matter-certified devices within a local area network, even if the home internet is offline. Direct device-to-device communication eliminates reliance on specific forwarding devices or cloud services. 

The Multi-Admin feature in Matter also allows you to control devices via multiple smart home systems at the same time. If desired, you can turn on lights from the SmartThings app on a Samsung smartphone, dim them by asking Alexa on an Amazon Echo speaker, and turn them off from the Apple Home app on an iPad.

The Kasa KS205, Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch, Matter, has an MSRP of US$28 and the Kasa KS225, Smart Wi-Fi Light Dimmer Switch, Matter, is US$30.