KEF Announces First THX Certified Architectural Speakers

KEF has announced the addition to their architectural speaker range with the Ci5160REFM-THX and the Ci3160REFM-THX. The Ci5160REFM-THX is the first THX Certified Dominus speaker from KEF, and the Ci3160REFM-THX is THX Certified Ultra for cinema sound.

Since its launch in 1973, The Reference series has seen a steady evolution of incorporating digital technologies. The new Ci-Reference speakers feature the 12th generation Uni-Q driver array and KEF’s Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MATTM). The bass drivers have been optimised for in-wall use, and the aluminium baffle eliminates vibration.

The Ci5160REFM-THX is KEF’s first in-wall speaker to be THX Certified Dominus and are optimal for rooms up to 6,500 ft with a viewing distance of up to 20 feet.

The THX Certified Ultra, similar to THX Certified Dominus, ensures the Ci3160REFM-THX has undergone hundreds of performance and quality assurance tests and is capable of recreating high impact cinema sound for large home theatres, up to 3,000 cubic feet in size, with a viewing distance of 12 feet from the screen.

‘Hide your speakers, not your sound’ is the concept behind every KEF architectural speaker. Like all other models in the category, these two new additions are designed to be discreet in appearance to blend into the interior. Ci5160REFM-THX and Ci3160REFM-THX are available in Aluminium Black/Grey finish and come with a paintable magnetic metal grille.

The Ci5160REFM-THX will be US$10,999.99 each and the Ci3160REFM-THX will be US$7,999.99 each.