Kevro International Announces 6th Gen Monitor Audio Bronze Series

Kevro International has announced the launch of the 6th generation of the award-winning Monitor Audio Bronze Series. Kevro states the latest Bronze series has received a complete upgrade in both sound and build quality and includes a choice of eight models, including Monitor Audio’s first Dolby Atmos enabled module. A strong emphasis on cosmetics including a unique, acoustically transparent hexagonal dispersion patterns on the tweeter cover that gives the line a premium feel, and multiple choices of finishes, ensure that the range of speakers will complement any room in the home.  There is a choice of eight models in total and four high-quality finishes including black, white, walnut, and the brand-new urban grey

The Bronze Series features enhanced even sound dispersion for improved time alignment and wider directivity, for a more life-like listening experience using technology Monitor Audio calls Uniform Dispersion (UD) Waveguide which combines with Monitor Audio’s signature C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter.

The new C-CAM Drivers have been specially engineered using conical diaphragm geometry for increased control and feature Damped Concentric Mode (DCM) technology which works in partnership with the UD Waveguide to lower the crossover frequency and produce a more accurate time response.

Highlights of the 6th generation rear ported Bronze addition include the AMS speaker, Monitor Audio’s first ever Dolby Atmos enabled speaker module delivering moving audio that flows with vivid 3-Dimensional realism.

Pricing for the new Bronze line – Bronze 500: $1649 pr. Bronze 200: $1,249 pr. Bronze 100: $749 pr Bronze 50: $599 pr. Bronze C150: $399 ea. Bronze FX: $699 pr. Bronze W10: $999 ea. Bronze Atmos: $699 pr

For more information on new Bronze, please contact Casey Carlton, Marketing Projects Manager [email protected]