Leon Loudspeakers Adds new Models to Complement Samsung’s FrameTV

Ann Arbor Michigan-based Leon loudspeakers who have made a business making custom cabinets to house popular speaker models has introduced two additions to the company’s FrameBar series, a purpose built soundbar to complement the Samsung Frame series of televisions.

The two hand-crafted new models are the Powered FrameBar designed as a single use powered soundbar and the FrameBar 44UX, to be used as a center channel to an existing component system.  Both are built to match the exact width and finish of Samsung’s Frame TV with the Powered FrameBar using Leon’s OTO MCA 200 amplification via 4” woofers and 1” silk dome tweeters. Each soundbar are in cabinets that are 2.3” in depth. The new FrameBar models are customizable to the frame color of the TV but ship in standard black fabric.

Leon is exclusively distributed in Canada by Staub Electronics, a SnapOne company.