LG Kitchen appliances

LG Adds New Appliances to Line in Canada

LG Electronics Canada (LG) has confirmed that new home appliances are now available, including the LG Induction Slide-in range with air fry and sous vide, counter-depth MAX refrigerator lineup with Craft Ice, QuadWash Pro dishwasher, AI front load washer and AI front load dryer, LG TWINWash Pedestal Washer and Storage Pedestal, and the LG WashTower with DUAL Inverter Heat Pump technology. All announced earlier this year, some on display at CES 2023 in Las Vegas in January, the entire line is now available for purchase in Canada.

LG Induction Slide-in Range with Air Fry and Air Sous Vide 

The slide-in range, available in stainless steel and smudge resistant black stainless steel, features an induction cooktop that offers speed-heating, precision and responsiveness for super-fast water boils and scorch-free simmering. Energy-efficient induction technology uses electromagnetic energy to transfer heat directly to your cookware for faster and safer heating

The range’s oven includes three cooking modes that enable additional cooking options: Air Fry provides crispy dishes without the need to add extra oil; Air Sous Vide delivers an even cook with careful low temperature control without needing a water bath; and ProBake Convection technology evenly distributes super-heated air, minimizing hot and cold spots delivering even baking and roasting results on every rack because of the powerful dual-speed fan, located at the back of the oven. The range’s ThinQ compatibility lets users monitor and control cook times through their smartphone.

LG Kitchen appliances

LG Counter-Depth MAX Refrigerator with Craft Ice

New this year is the LG Counter-Depth MAX refrigerator lineup with Craft Ice, which offers 25% more space. You get the same 26 cubic-foot capacity of a standard-depth fridge in a counter-depth design. This, says LG, provides a more seamless and built-in look for any kitchen space, without sacrificing storage capacity. The sleek edge-to-edge Mirror InstaView​ panel lets users knock twice to view the contents of their refrigerator without letting any of the cold air out, and beverages can be customized any way with four types of ice including LG’s spherical Craft Ice. 

LG QuadWash Pro Dishwasher

The LG QuadWash Pro Dishwasher lineup features high-pressure jets with 38% more cleaning power. They spray dishes from multiple angles while soaking them with over one million microbubbles to help break down stubborn food residue. LG’s exclusive QuadWash Pro and Dynamic Heat Dry technologies combine to deliver one-hour wash and dry cycle.

LG Front Load Laundry Pairs

The LG AI Front Load Washer and AI Front Load Dryer (LG Front Load Laundry Pair) feature flat-front design with a black steel finish and tinted, tempered glass doors. Streamlined controls feature an LCD Digital Dial Control and an LED Touch Button Panel. Built-in sensors use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect fabric texture, soil level, and load size, then automatically select the right wash motions, temperature, and more for advanced fabric care. Meanwhile, ezDispense 2.0 stores up to 31 loads of detergent and automatically dispenses the optimal amount for a cycle based on the weight of the load. This prevents overuse while maximizing wash performance for an efficient take on laundry. 

LG TWINWash Pedestal Washer and Storage Pedestal

Larger, heavier garments and linens can go for a spin in the LG AI Front Load Washer on the top, while smaller pieces get clean simultaneously in the LG TWINWash Pedestal Washer down below,enabling two loads of laundry to run at once. The Storage Pedestal serves as extra drawer space below the dryer and can hold cleaning cloths, dryer sheets and more, minimizing laundry room clutter.

LG WashTower with Heat Pump Dryer

LG washer with heat pump

For space-saving, the LG WashTower with Heat Pump Dryer offers full-sized capacity and features in a sleek, single-unit design that takes up half the floor space. Unlike conventional stacked pairs, LG’s exclusive Centre Control panel is positioned with both washer and dryer controls at the right height. 

New to Canada this year is the LG WashTower with DUAL Inverter Heat Pump technology, which uses less than half of the energy to dry every load. The Energy Star-certified dryer feature LG’s most energy efficient ventless drying system, and the lower temperatures are easier on clothes. With no need for venting, this dryer is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free.

The LG WashTower with Heat Pump Dryer also features LG’s AI Direct Drive technology that uses AI to determine the weight and fabric softness of each new load to select the optimal wash pattern, improving wash performance, which in turn helps to extends the life of clothing. 

Both the LG WashTower with Heat Pump Dryer and the LG Front Load Laundry Pair are compatible with the LG ThinQ app for downloading custom cycles, remote starting the washer and dryer from another room, and monitoring time remaining.