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LG Canada Rebrands Customer Service to LG CareQ

LG Electronics Canada has re-branded its support division to LG CareQ, the new name for its customer service and support.

LG’s after-purchase service offerings include a 10-year limited parts warranty on select appliances, a flat-rate LG CareQ Out-of-Warranty Program, extended warranty product care now known as the LG CareQ Protection Plan, LG CareQ Direct Technicians, an LG authorized service provider network that can offer remote diagnoses for single-visit repair as well as quick access to replacement parts, and an LG CareQ Business Concierge Program to manage LG Business customers.  

Formerly known as LG Canada Support, the newly branded LG CareQ intends to add a personalized experience and new identity to its customer care, support, and service. A new logo will adorn every facet of LG Canada’s customer service and support offerings, from the digital interface to the shirts worn by LG Direct Technicians. Further, a newly created manifesto details the guiding principles in which the LG CareQ team operates, with a focus on quality, value, innovation, and prompt service.

LG CareQ will combine all of LG’s service offerings into one easy-to-recognize brand and will also encompass all modes of communication with the support team, including WhatsApp, call centre access, the LG virtual assistant, a sign language option in partnership with Asign Canada, SMS and the in-home experience.

“The branding to LG CareQ embodies everything we do to support and care for our customers after they purchase a product, and ties seamlessly into our innovation ecosystem,” says Brian Yu, Head of Customer Value Innovation at LG Electronics Canada.

The letter ‘Q’, which is already ubiquitous within the LG ThinQ ecosystem, expands on several values including Quality Service, addressing Qualitative feedback from customers, understanding customers’ complex Questions, working with a Qualified team, and resolving challenges as Quickly as possible, says LG.

“We recognize that prompt and efficient service and repairs are important aspects of choosing a product,” adds Yu.”