LG EV charger
An electric vehicle at a charging station in the city. All items in the scene are 3D, charging station and concept cars are not based on any real ones.

LG is Bringing its EV Charger Business to Canada

In late 2023, LG announced that it would be entering the EV charging market. At CES 2024, the company showcased various EV charging solutions in its booth. Today, LG confirms that it will be expanding its EV charger business to Canada.

With this expansion, LG will offer charge point operators and commercial property owners with electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions within Canada. These include Level 2 chargers manufactured at the recently announced EV charger facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

LG says the decision to expand into Canada is in response to the significant growth observed in EV adaption across the country as well as the Government of Canada’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. It was also driven by the increasing consumer shift toward electric vehicles.

LG has started assembling advanced Level 2 11kW chargers at its Texas factory and will begin production of 175kW fast chargers within the first half of the year. LG also aims to introduce a Level 3 350kW ultra-fast charger in 2024, expanding its EV charger lineup to meet the varied needs of customers, especially those operating in areas such as commercial travel and long-distance transportation.

LG smart chargers purport to offer efficient, reliable, and convenient charging solutions. Hotels, restaurants, transit hubs, shopping centres, multi-residential and commercial buildings, and other locations can set their own rates, create a profit centre, and scale their network to meet local demand. There’s also the opportunity for businesses, municipalities, and other public places to support their electrification strategy with independently owned and operated charging stations that create new revenue streams, while providing an additional branding platform on an optional digital screen.