Luxman Intros D-03X CD/Digital Media Player

By WiFi HiFi

Luxman’s latest digital player, the D-03X, includes new features like Master Quality Authenticated full decoding for MQA files and MQA-CDs, support for DSD files up to quad rate 11.28 MHz, Bulk Pet USB transfer, and fully balanced output circuitry. 

“The new D-03X supports exciting new file formats and transfer technologies,” says Jeff Sigmund, President of Luxman America.  “But it also embodies the timeless principles of Luxman’s precision chassis and circuit design.”

Player circuitry features independent left and right monaural-mode Texas Instruments PCM1975 digital-to-analog converters and a high-precision clock module that minimizes phase noise around the oscillation frequency. As a result, distortion is 0.0009% (USB input), while signal-to-noise ratio is 123 dB (USB input, IHF-A). 

The D-03X accommodates a wide range of digital audio files via USB input and the free Luxman Audio Player computer software, available for Mac OS and Windows PCs. The software decodes WAV, FLAC, MP3, DSF, DSDIFF, ALAC, and AIFF files. 

In addition to conventional, “isochronous” file transfers at fixed bitrates, the USB input supports two modes of Bulk Pet high-resolution audio file transfer. Bulk Pet, short for ‘Bulk Pure Enhanced Technology’, optimizes data packaging and delivery to the DAC, easing the processing load for both the host CPU and the device CPU. This in turn reduces the workload between reading and reproduction, thus enhancing playback stability and ultimately yielding improved sound quality. 

The USB input accommodates 1-bit DSD audio files at sampling rates of 2.82 MHz, double rate 5.64 MHz and quad rate 11.28 MHz, in addition to PCM data at sampling rates up to 384 kHz, 32 bits per sample. The S/PDIF Coax/Optical inputs support PCM at up to 192 kHz/24 bits. The player supports MQA audio files up to 24-bit transferred via USB, optical and coaxial inputs.

The D-03X incorporates a Luxman customized CD transport mounted on an extremely thick aluminum base and protected with a steel top plate. The result, says the company, is a highly rigid enclosure, which negates even the slightest vibrations and resonance. Luxman’s asymmetric chassis layout places the CD transport at the left, to further reduce vibration and promote ideal signal flow. 

The differential outputs of the D/A converters feed a set of four identical current-to-voltage conversion amplifiers, operating in balanced dual monaural mode. The following Low Pass Filter amplifier drives the output with low impedance. The player’s power supply features an oversized transformer and independent filter capacitors for each circuit. The composite loopless chassis structure isolates the electronics from ground impedance and chassis currents while shielding against magnetic fields and digital noise. Gold-plated 18 mm RCA outputs accommodate the large plugs of high-performance cables. In addition, the player features high-quality Neutrik XLR balanced outputs for stable transmission to compatible amplifiers.

The D-03X features a fine blasted white finish, vacuum fluorescent display with zoom and dimmer functions, and an aluminum remote control with numeric keypad. It is available for an MSRP of US$3,295.