Marantz Announces New Streaming Amp

Marantz, one of the most successful brands in high-performance audio for over 70 years, has introduced an all-new wireless streaming amplifier called the MODEL M1

The MODEL M1 wireless streaming amplifier that has been engineered to offer accessibility to a wide range of streamed music services and with both analog and digital input sockets, it can also be connected to both physical music sources and to a TV. The MODEL M1 has been uniquely positioned in the market as a wireless streaming amplifier that appeals to both first-time hi-fi buyers and the experienced audio enthusiast.

MODEL M1 has the power and quality to suit a wide range of loudspeakers, from compact designs to substantial towers, or if you prefer, ceiling or wall-mounted speakers. Its high-power amplification offers 100W of stereo output with low distortion – just 0.005% THD via its digital inputs, a figure typically found in amplifiers costing a great deal more. If desired, you can add a subwoofer for a 2.1-channel experience, and MODEL M1’s advanced configuration options allow for full adjustment of both high-pass-filter and low-pass-filter frequencies independently, along +/-15dB of subwoofer level trim.

This powerful amplification is complemented by full high-resolution music support. Many compact digital amplifiers are limited to CD-quality 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution, but MODEL M1 supports the full high-resolution music experience over streamed services, your network or even USB, including 24-bit/192kHz PCM support and provision for DSD. To ensure these high-resolution signals are delivered in the best possible quality, MODEL M1 operates in the digital domain from end-to-end. This simplifies the signal flow and eliminates errors caused by the inexpensive DACs typically found in traditional hi-fi. It also means all sources leverage the powerful DSP technologies built in, including Marantz Music Digital Filtering (MMDF), first developed for the brand’s reference-grade audiophile CD players and designed to ensure the characteristic warmth and musicality of any Marantz product.

MODEL M1 uses the HEOS app to access all the music services available on the HEOS platform, including the soon-to-be-released updates for TIDAL and Roon Ready support. MODEL M1 can also share your HEOS music across your home with other HEOS-enabled products in the Marantz portfolio, including both stereo and AVR components, so whole-home Marantz sound quality (scalable to up to 32 discrete zones) is posible. It can also be partnered with other MODEL M1s and its compact design means two units can be installed side-by-side in a standard 19” equipment rack if desired. Its effective passive thermal management means no intrusive fan noise or issues with heat build-up in cabinets and a threaded mounting point on the bottom of the amplifier means you can even install the unit on a wall-mount bracket if required.

In addition to HEOS, MODEL M1 supports Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and AirPlay2, ensuring wide- ranging wireless music streaming for almost any content you may wish to access, and from almost any device. Audio can also be played from a locally connected USB-A drive, making this compact product a connected, streamed and network-served high-resolution audio player.

The MODEL M1 does not have a built-in phono stage but can of course accommodate vinyl playback using an external amplifier via the MODEL M1’s line-level RCA analogue inputs.

MODEL M1 can also be used as an alternative to a soundbar or to an AVR for high-quality TV watching. Its included eARC HDMI input means simple one-remote control over system volume levels and power management using your TV’s supplied remote. The onboard Dolby Digital+ decoding supports the latest audio codecs typically used by broadcast and streamed TV services in high quality and a range of useful adjustment functions including a Dialogue Enhancer option to make voices more easily discernible when listening at low volume levels, plus a Virtual mode that utilizes Dolby processing to generate a large, three-dimensional sound field from stereo-only content – perfect for homes where a larger full-sized surround sound system simply isn’t an option.

The new MODEL M1 is available globally starting today. MSRP: $1,499.00 CDN (US$1000)