Napoleon Rogue EQ electric grill

Napoleon Rogue EQ Is a Full-Size Electric Grill with IoT Technology

Napoleon has introduced its new Rogue EQ Connected Electric Grill Series of full-size outdoor electric grills with IoT technology.

The Rogue EQ Connected Electric Grill allows you to manage every aspect of the grill with IoT controls through an app on your smartphone. You can monitor the temperatures and grill controls with precision on a 7- inch LCD.

The design and technology allow it to heat up as quickly as most similar-sized gas grills, says Napoleon, and can reach a maximum temperature that meets or exceeds traditional gas grills. There are three different ways to cook: grill mode for traditional grilling and searing, oven mode for roasting, and smoker mode to infuse smoky flavor. 

“Napoleon is changing the conversation around electric grilling,” says Stephen Schroeter, Co-CEO, Napoleon. “Until now, the availability of electric grills was limited to indoor, travel-size, and those without smart technology. With our Rogue EQ Series, we’re making sustainable technology and alternatives mainstream with a full-size electric grill at an affordable cost.”

Napoleon Rogue EQ electric grill

“As consumers have evolved their mindset around sustainability, we have continued to evolve ours,” adds Chris Schroeter, Co-CEO, Napoleon, who adds that the company plans to increase its selection of sustainable products up to 250% by 2025.

“As one of the first grill manufacturers to offer infrared grilling technology to the consumer at an affordable price,” he adds, “this product demonstrates our commitment to continued industry-leading technology.” 

The Napoleon Rogue EQ Connected Electric Grill will be available in the Fall of 2022 at participating dealers. Pricing is TBA.