Samsung Premium Protection Plan

Samsung Launches Premium Protection Plan for Corporate Devices in Canada

Businesses in Canada with employees who use Samsung Galaxy mobile devices now have the option to sign up for new premium protection plan for these corporate devices called Samsung Care+ for Business.

The protection plan includes worry-free repairs, and an extended warranty of up to three years and coverage for physical damage and liquid intrusion. The extended up to three-year warranty covers any issues ranging from electrical to mechanical defects, all without a service fee. Repairs are done by expert technicians at authorized Samsung service centres using genuine Samsung parts, in compliance with Samsung’s stringent quality repair standards.

The plan does not require additional costs or documentation for repairs. In addition, the free pick-up and delivery and on-site repair service helps save customers’ time by eliminating visits to the service centre.

Through the centralized solution Samsung Knox Portal, Samsung Care+ for Business’ dedicated console allows businesses to manage device deployments and protection coverage in their device fleet, easily track subscriptions and repair status, and access policy information, all on one screen.

Customers of Samsung Care+ for Business benefit from a simple and easy claims process. The company’s IT manager can simply log in into the Samsung Care+ for Business Portal, call a toll-free number, or send an e-mail to file their claim and kick-start the claims approval process.

Samsung says Samsung Care+ for Business, combined with the (optional) Knox Manage, eliminates the need for IT managers to have to manage their own pool of device inventory and secure data when repairs are required. Samsung Care+ for Business enables the “just in time” delivery of Advanced Exchange devices direct to the business requestor without additional steps. This, Samsung adds, minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity as defective devices can be quickly repaired or replaced, allowing IT managers to better support the optimization of device use throughout its entire lifecycle.

“Strong device lifecycle management practices can help businesses anticipate when devices are reaching end-of-life, determine if they are vulnerable to security breaches, and resolve a host of other issues before they create operational delays,” says Steven Cull, Head of Mobile Product Management, Services and Strategy, at Samsung Canada. “Today’s businesses are making significant investments in devices, and we believe it is our job to help them be prepared for any issues with seamless, automated device management tools.”

Samsung Care+ for Business is available with stackable service packages that offer businesses coverage to suit their needs.

Samsung Care+ for Business is available for purchase in Canada starting today, for all types of businesses. You must contact sales for pricing but there is a free trial.