Narwal S1 Pro

Narwal S10 Pro Handles Dry Vacuuming and Wet Mopping at Once  

The Narwal S10 Pro Wet & Dry Vacuum Mop does exactly what it says, both dry vacuuming floors and wet mopping at the same time.

The self-propelling, self-cleaning appliance comes in the form of an upright cordless vacuum mop that can pick up solid dust and debris into a dedicated canister as well as wet mop, with dirty mop water stored in a separate area.

Slim in design, the S10 Pro has 14,000 PA with 76AW suction efficiency and 17N downward mopping pressure to tackle stubborn stains. The intelligent water spraying algorithms and 32 running water streams within the active water cleaning system keep the brush moist throughout the cleaning process, while it also disinfects surfaces. Once done and the bins are emptied and brush rinsed, the vacuum is placed on his charging dock, which also self-cleans and dries the unit.

Narwal S10 Pro

It runs through a 10-part cleaning process, scrubbing, cleaning, disinfecting, and drying the roller brush, pipes, and filters. It uses electrolyzed water to accomplish this, allowing for germ-free cleaning. The brush rotates during the cleaning process to remove all unwanted hair and stain residues and completes the drying process in 30 minutes or less using centrifugal dehydration and hot air at a temperature of 133°. The cleaning process is quiet, running at below 58dB.

The vacuum mop has five cleaning modes, including MAX Mode for deeper cleans, and it will automatically adjust the suction power and water dispensing level based on the clean that’s needed. The AI DirtSense technology automatically detects the level of floor dirtiness and displays it on its colour LCD.

Narwal S10 Pro

The vacuum is cordless and weighs under 10 lbs., making it heavier than some more compact cordless vacuums. However, since it features self-propulsion, it glides effortlessly across the floors with little effort.

It’s also flexible, easy to maneuver into small nooks and crannies, including lying flat at 180° to get under tables, beds, and chairs. The edge-to-edge roller has a minimum margin to the edge of just 6mm and a tilting and rotating handle to reach into tight corners as well as curved tables and walls.

Narwal S10 Pro

The Narwal S10 Pro can run for up to 50 minutes per charge, long enough to clean a 3,200 square foot home. Note that it is meant for hardwood flooring and tiles, since it runs both dry vacuum and wet mop cycles at the same time.

The Narwal S10 Pro Wet & Dry Vacuum and Mop is available for $600 in Canada, but it’s currently on sale for $50 off. Stay tuned for my review coming soon!