Nikon Z 9 mirrorless camera

Nikon Releases Firmware Version 5.00 for Z 9 Full-frame Mirrorless Camera

Nikon has announced firmware version 5.00 for its flagship full-frame/FX-format mirrorless camera, the Nikon Z 9.

Firmware version 5.00 is the fourth major update since the release of the Z 9 and increases usability for sports photography by expanding the Auto Capture and High-Speed Frame Capture+ functions. Portrait photography is also enhanced for more effective capture of images, with the Skin Softening and Portrait Impression Balance functions, and Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control that enables rendering of details of the subject’s complexion with rich tones. Further, there’s improved operability achieved in response to feedback from professionals requesting increased speed and efficiency.

For sports photography, the firmware update includes a reserve function that lets you specify the shooting start date/time and duration in advance has been added to Auto Capture. This helps to reduce battery consumption for more efficient shooting, says Nikon, even when the camera must be positioned and configured well before it will actually be used. Auto Capture flexibility has also been increased to allow you to shoot using the DX crop (24×16) image area, and also adds the addition of an [Airplanes] AF subject-detection mode, plus the display of a yellow frame when the camera is in standby for shooting.

In addition, a low-speed [C15] item has been added to High-Speed Frame Capture+ options for increased usability with continuous shooting. What’s more, frequency presets for common LED lighting and signboards have been added to the High-Frequency Flicker Reduction function, making it easier to choose the optimal shutter speed and efficiently reduce the effects of high-frequency flicker.

A Rich Tone Portrait Picture Control suitable for creating base images in situations that require retouching, such as wedding and studio photography, has been added. There are also a variety of functions designed to improve portrait photography, including Portrait Impression Balance and Skin Softening have been incorporated. Further, Nikon offers Nikkor Z lenses including the Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.2 S, Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.2 S, and Nikkor Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena, all of which support the capture of portraits that accurately express the user’s intent.

Overall convenience has been increased with the ability to use the continuous LED light of the Profoto A10 as an AF-assist illuminator and the addition of a [Prefer focus point (face priority)] option for frame advance when reviewing images displayed with playback zoom enabled.

When [Extended menu banks] is enabled, you can now manage the shooting modes for photo mode and video mode, which were previously linked, separately. Visibility is improved with an option that allows you to adjust the width of the focus point border.

Manual focusing is now possible with maximum aperture live view in manual focus mode. A function that allows you to cancel zoom when focus mode is set to manual focus and the view through the lens is zoomed in by pressing the shutter-release button halfway has been added.

High-Res Zoom operability has been improved, and the AF-area brackets display colour when the subject is in focus has been changed from red to green. The number of functions that can be assigned to custom controls has been increased, as has the number of controls that can be customized. The addition of a [Customize retouch options] item allows you to choose the functions displayed in the retouch menu. [Loop playback], [Wait before playback], and [Auto series playback speed] options have been added for playback of a series of images captured with a burst of continuous shooting.

Additionally, playback speed for all videos can now be specified in advance from the i menu ([Original speed], [1/2× speed], [1/4× speed]). Wi-Fi station mode has also been added to enable connection to SnapBridge without occupying the entire Wi-Fi connection on a smartphone.

Nikon SnapBridge is Nikon’s companion Android and iOS app that connects to your camera to automatically download photos and videos and remotely activate the shutter. Now with Ver.2.11.0, SnapBridge adds new functions such as Easy Shooting Setup, which allows users to configure camera shooting settings suited to a particular scene or subject directly from your smart device.

The new Easy Shooting Setup function can be used by tapping [Easy Shooting Setup] in the SnapBridge camera tab, selecting a main subject or situation, and deciding output parameters, such as having a soft out-of-focus background or motion blur. It allows even those who are unsure about camera functions and terms to easily create camera shooting settings that achieve desired results. Settings are applied the moment they’re sent to the camera, allowing you to immediately begin capturing your vision. Easy Shooting Setup also provides tips for available scenes and subjects such as people, landscapes, and pets to help you better achieve the intended results. Furthermore, favourite shooting settings can be assigned to one of the user setting positions.

The app supports Android devices running version 10 or later and iOS version 15.7 or later. Cameras that support Ver.2.11.0’s Easy Shooting Setup include the Nikon Z f, Nikon Z 5, Nikon Z fc, Nikon Z 50, and Nikon Z 30. The NX Ready app available in some regions will be discontinued with the release of SnapBridge Ver.2.11.0.