OBITUARY: Charles Gruss, President, Furniture Concepts Canada

By Christine Persaud

WiFi HiFi is saddened to announce the passing of Charles Gruss, President of Furniture Concepts Canada (FCI). He passed away on Wednesday, May 20.

Gruss was President of Furniture Concepts Canada for 36 years, from 1984 until his death. He supplied essential O.E.M. products like stereo cabinets, stands, and related hardware to dealers all across Canada. He brought Knock Down (JD) furniture and related products to the industry, recalls Ernie Pinkus, Owner and President of Satel Distribution, noting that in the ’70s, Gruss was working with both Gusdorf and Mylex, selling their KD-related products. Just prior to the ’80s, he branched out on his own and started his own company called Furniture Concepts Canada and Vulcan Manufacturing.

“Charles was a regular ‘MacGyver,’ eager to design or build that better mousetrap, whether it be storage for electronic components, display boards, speaker spikes and stands, turntable isolators, or AV-type brackets,” says Pinkus. “He was always looking for that ideal product.

“Charles was also basically a one-man band,” he continued, “and did it all ­alone – literally! He designed, drafted schematics, wrote manuals, manufactured, and packaged all his products without the aid of any employees!”

Pinkus describes Gruss as a larger-than-life, Paul Bunyan-meets-South-African-Santa-Claus-type character with a great sense of humour, huge personality, and heart to match. “He was always first to offer his assistance to any dealer whether they carried his products or not.”

A private memorial service was held for immediate family as well as a private Shiva. 

The family asks that memorial donations be made to the charity if your choice.