Ring Custom Events

New Smart Alerts For Ring Cameras Include Package and Custom Event Alerts

Ring has introduced two new smart alerts for its line of home security cameras and video doorbells: Package Alerts and Custom Event Alerts, which join other new features that have launched over the past year like Geofence, Alexa Greetings, Quick Replies, and Motion Warnings.

With Custom Event Alerts, you can create customizable detectors on Ring Spotlight Cam Battery that are specific to what is most helpful for your home. Ring cameras use computer vision and machine learning to differentiate between two different states of the same camera view, like an open door or closed gate, so you can get alerts for the particular scenes or objects.

Ring Custom Events

For example, during setup, use the Ring App to take still images from your Ring Spotlight Cam Battery of something such as your garage door in its open and closed states. These images are used to teach the camera the difference between open and closed. Using computer vision technology, the feature will then recognize the two states and send a Custom Alert to you when the state changes. That means avoiding the “Did I shut the door?” conversation with your family after you’ve left the house.

These alerts provide more specific, personalized, and useful information regarding events that are happening on the property, and the use of computer vision and machine learning allows you to set up the type of classifier that you want, which means custom tailoring your notifications. 

Custom Event Alerts will start rolling out globally to Spotlight Cam Battery customers with a Ring Protect Plan in the coming months.

Ring Package Alerts

Meanwhile, Package Alerts, which will be available for owners of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 or Ring Video Doorbell (2020 release) with a Ring Protect Plan, allows you to create a specific zone, such as your front porch or walkway, and receive an alert when a package is detected. The notification will say “Package Alert,” so if you aren’t able to quickly retrieve it, you can monitor within the Ring App.

If you have Alexa Greetings set up on Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, Alexa can tell the delivery driver exactly where to leave the package as well so it’s within your customized zone.