Toronto Subway map

Rogers 5G Service is Now on For Customers at All TTC Subway Stations

Rogers Communications has officially lit up its 5G service at all remaining stations in the TTC subway system, allowing its customers to use their cell phones and data while traveling via public transportation.

The service is now also available through the tunnel of the Vaughan extension between Sheppard West and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre stations. Rogers also added more reliable 911 access for all riders at these new locations.

“I’m thrilled that our team has completed the upgrade of the legacy network well ahead of schedule,” says Ron McKenzie, Rogers Chief Technology and Information Officer. “We’re now transitioning to the next critical phase of the project, expanding 5G coverage to connect the remaining 36 kilometers of track.”

Since launching Rogers 5G on the TTC subway in August, Rogers customers used over 411 terabytes of data while riding the subway, says the wireless provider. That’s the equivalent of streaming the ‘Barbie’ movie more than 99,000 times or streaming more than 62,000 Toronto Maple Leafs games.

The three busiest stations for data usage are Bloor/Yonge, Queen’s Park and Wellesley, and data usage in tunnels is highest between St. George and St. Patrick stations.

In April, Rogers acquired the cellular network in the TTC subway system from BAI Canada and committed to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to roll out 5G service and more reliable 911 access across all 75 subway stations and all tunnels. In August, Rogers introduced 5G in the busiest areas of the TTC subway for its customers and turned on 5G service for all riders in October.

Until December 31, TTC riders can enjoy five free rides when they tap to pay with a Rogers credit card using their mobile wallet. For offer details visit: