Samsung Galaxy Book2

Samsung Canada’s Galaxy Book2 Laptop is Under $1,000

A few months after launching its Galaxy Book2 Pro line, Samsung has introduced its Galaxy Book2 in Canada. The latest in the flagship line, the Galaxy Book2 is designed to offer both the mobility of a smartphone and the performance of a PC.

Sleek and slim with a 15.6-inch HD screen, you’ll get long battery life and a 40% charge after just 30 minutes or charging via the included universal charger. The universal charger also works with other Galaxy devices.

Along with Dolby Atmos and surround sound speakers, the Galaxy Book2 comes loaded with the Windows 11 OS and Knox security. There’s also a fingerprint scanner for unlocking the laptop with a tap. Use the Private Share mode to set time limits for shared files so recipients can’t capture of share them, and you can revoke access at any time.

The Galaxy Book2 easily syncs with Samsung Galaxy smartphones through Link to Windows, which allows you to call and text right from your laptop. The crossover app continuity allows you to open your PC and pick up where you left off on your smartphone by showing recently used apps. Samsung has also updated its Quick Share feature and merged it with Link Sharing, allowing you to quickly share work with others from anywhere. EYou can also transfer a video call from one Galaxy device to another to continue a conversation or meeting.

Samsung Galaxy Book2

The Galaxy Book Smart Switch process helps you easily move old data, photos, settings and more, from your old PC to your new PC. Once transferred, the new Galaxy Book2 experience is familiar to users of other Galaxy devices with the intuitive One Book UI 4.0, apps, and menus.

You can also control and monitor IoT devices using the Galaxy Book2 and the SmartThings app. Turn on the lights, set the temperature, or check your security cams from the SmartThings Dashboard, for example. With new Bixby voice control functionality, you can control IoT devices via voice prompts. If you misplace the Galaxy Book2, locate it (even if it is turned off) with SmartThings Find.

Samsung recently announced a new high-performance, eco-conscious material that repurposes discarded fishing nets to reduce plastic waste in the ocean, and this material is now featured in the touchpad holder and the inner bracket of the Galaxy Book2 series. Additionally, it comes in a sustainably sourced paper box and mold trays. The eco-conscious AMOLED panels, meanwhile, and battery with a longer lifecycle add to the sustainability efforts.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 is available in Graphite for $990 for the 256GB model in 15.6-inches with an Intel Core i5 processor, or $1,120 for the 256GB model in 15.6-inches with an Intel Core i7 processor.