Savant Creates 15,000 Square-Foot Experience Centre

Savant Systems, a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in manufacturing products for home control and automation has opened a 15,000 sq’ experience center in Las Vegas with views overlooking the famous Las Vegas Strip. The smart living showcase, referred to as Vegas Modern 001, was brought to life in partnership with Las Vegas-based design firm, Blue Heron, and technology integrator Eagle Sentry and is designed to show Savant’s latest technology advances based around smart living.

Visitors to Vegas Modern 001 will experience Savant’s smart lighting system paired with the latest in tunable LED lighting and specification-grade fixtures from USAI Lighting to create illumination for every imaginable scenario by synchronizing lighting color and temperatures to match the natural light from the sun at any time-of-day. To complement the natural light, every room also features Savant motorized shades, designed in partnership with JGeiger. Savant’s pro lighting control system, motorized shades, and USAI Lighting fixtures combine to create an unmatched end-to-end lighting experience. For quick control, scenes can be created on the Savant app and saved to any keypad button in the house. Savant’s keypads can also be configured to help set the mood, enhancing the entertainment experience to activate full color lighting.

Grid outages and fluctuating energy costs are no match for Vegas Modern 001. The showcase is designed to highlight sustainability and features the largest residential solar array in the region, a fully automated power panel, as well as Savant’s Racepoint microgrid technology. The Savant app tracks daily energy production as well as usage, with a full history log by load type. Savant energy solutions paired with the vast solar infrastructure can maintain operation of the entire home under normal conditions for up to 8 hours; or nearly 24 hours if only essential devices are active. Most critically, Savant Energy’s microgrid works day and night to intelligently optimize the consumption of power under all conditions. The result provides a comfortable, secure environment while maximizing efficiency and reducing energy costs.

In order to fill Vegas Modern 001 with audio and video entertainment, Savant deployed 15 4K video sources distributed to 17 rooms, and an audio system featuring 43 zones powered by over 19,000 watts of amplification all elegantly fitted to the home without impeding décor. Savant offers a broad range of high-performance entertainment products, including audio and video over IP, smart multi-zone amplifiers with access to popular streaming service providers, architectural loudspeakers, soundbars and subwoofers.

Vegas Modern 001 includes an array of user interface options all designed to deliver a consistent experience, including Savant’s Pro Remote X2, touch panels and mobile apps. Every visitor will experience Savant’s best-in-class scene personalization and custom dashboards that are designed by each user to bring to the smart living experience to life. Entertainment, security, lighting, climate and energy management are all intuitively managed with Savant’s app. 

Vegas Modern 001, opens this month July 2021 for in-person tours as well as interactive virtual tours. To book a tour, please email [email protected]