Savant Home Manager

Savant Will Offer a New Home Manager, Back-Up & Restore, Intercom Service

Smart home and smart power technology company Savant is expanding its Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription business model to add new features for both homeowners and custom integration professionals. These include a new Home Manager, Home Back-Up & Restore, and an Intercom Service.

Savant’s subscription model was introduced late 2021. The base subscription, Savant Essentials, delivers access to the latest smart home features and advanced integrations, plus enhanced support, and serviceability with the Savant Home Back-Up & Restore feature.

This fall, Savant is introducing new features such as homeowner management tools, a software-based Intercom service, enhanced private voice control, and smart networking.

Available now, Savant Home Back-Up & Restore is part of a Savant Essentials smart home subscription. It leverages secure cloud-based capability to store key parameters and settings of the smart home so that client personalization features can be restored when hardware is updated. This feature, says Savant, will offer peace of mind for homeowners.  

Set for availability in October, Savant Home Manager delivers the first web UI smart home dashboard designed for the Savant homeowner. With Savant Home Manager, homeowners now have access to key system status visibility, online user management capabilities, quick-view camera recordings, active cloud integration status, product tutorial, and frequently asked questions.

Savant Home Manager

Savant Home Manager is also designed to help integrators educate new Savant homeowners about their system capabilities, as well as deliver advanced system visibility and management tools.

Savant Intercom Service, Enhanced Secure Voice Control, and Smart Networking will all be available early 2023. The Savant Intercom Service delivers room-to-room communication throughout the home without the need for dedicated intercom server hardware. It can be added to any Savant smart home with a Savant Essentials subscription and is fully customizable to the needs of each client. This includes features like user-configurable call groups, call alerts via push notifications, and an optional page-all feature over the home’s distributed audio system.

Savant Secure Voice delivers natural language offline processing of voice commands, with activation via hands-free, in-room microphones as well as push-to-talk on the Savant Pro Remote X2. Push-to-talk requires the user to press and hold the voice button on the Pro Remote X2 for active listening to take place. Enhanced voice control can be added to any Savant smart home with a Savant Essentials subscription to activate/control Savant scenes, services, channel favorites, volume, and individual lighting loads. 

Savant Network AI is delivered in partnership with professional networking company Juniper Networks and is designed to deliver custom integrators access to enterprise-grade networking solutions that are easy to design, deploy, and troubleshoot. Features consist of zero-touch provisioning, including automated Savant device discovery and dynamic port configuration, network optimization using advanced learning algorithms, and machine learning analysis of the user experience to correlate problems and automatically detect root cause. Savant Network AI requires a scalable subscription determined by network size. 

Savant will be exhibiting at CEDIA Expo 2022 later this year, in booth 21057.