Sharp Canada Offers New Steam Ovens, Microwave Drawer Ovens

By WiFi HiFi

Sharp Electronics of Canada Ltd. has updated its line of kitchen appliances with a new Microwave Drawer Oven and SuperSteam+ Built-in Oven, which uses superheated steam at browning temperatures to grill without smoke and roast without drying.

The new Smart Microwave Drawer Oven with Sharp Kitchen App & Easy Wave Open (SMD2489ES) measures 24″ in size. Featuring Wi-Fi and Alexa-enabled, it includes built-in airflow control for flush mounting, “Easy Wave Open” for quick, touchless opening, and a Sharp Kitchen mobile application for iOS and Android devices to enable the smart features.

The Sharp Kitchen app connects to the Microwave Drawer Oven via home networks to enable remote-control operation of standard features, send cook commands to the microwave, and receive notifications when food is ready. The app provides clear and simple access to all Smart Cook settings. You can also save most frequently used menu items to the “Favourites” section. Additionally, the app keeps consumers connected with the Sharp Spotlight section, which provides helpful cooking and safety tips. 

The Sharp Smart Microwave Drawer Oven is available for an MSRP of $2,300.

Sharp’s Smart SuperSteam+ Built-in Wall Oven (SSC2489DS), also measuring 24″ in size and with Wi-Fi connectivity, is a 3-in-1 built-in wall oven with superheated steam that allows you to steam cook and convection bake. It employs an edge-to-edge black glass and stainless-steel design, along with new Steam Bake and Water Bath features for cheesecakes and artisan bread. 

Typically, regular steam only reaches 212°F, says Sharp, but the SuperSteam+ Oven also creates superheated steam at 485°F. Thus, it can brown meats, caramelize sugars, grill without smoke,  roast without drying, and cook food so it’s crispy on the outside while tender and juicy on the inside. 

Voice control features allow it to interact with a mobile application powered by SideChef for basic operations, as well as smart cooking time, temperature settings and smart recipe guides. There are 24 recipes built into the oven and 43 additional recipes found within the app. 

The removable reservoir means no special plumbing or wet-wall installation is required. A standard 120V power requirement allows you to plug it in and get cooking.

There’s a wide selection of cooking modes. SuperSteam+ Grill for grilling and sautéeing items like fish, vegetables, onions, and steak. Similar to the broil function in a traditional oven, food cooks for shorter lengths of time at high temperatures. It gives dishes the benefit of steam moistness with targeted superheated steam to create browning. 

SuperSteam+ Roast mode makes it possible to roast dishes such as chicken (whole), sweet potato and beef or pork roast. This is accomplished by incorporating steam for food that requires longer cooking times and allows food to brown on the outside while maintaining a moist and tender texture inside.

Steam Bake Water Bath mode helps when making creamy desserts such as cheesecake, pudding, and custard without handling hot pans of water. Steam Bake Bread mode injects steam into the oven during the preheat cycle to promote even rising. This cooking mode automatically switches to dry convection heat to produce the desired light and airy interior and golden, crispy outer crust. And finally, there’s Steam Cook mode, which creates vegetable-based dishes as well as delicate fish and meats. Pure steam retains nutrients and moistness. This cooking mode is ideal for dishes that include broccoli, salmon, cod, and chicken.

The Smart SuperSteam+ Built-in Wall Oven is available for $3,000.