Sherpa Launches “Counter Days” Dealer Shows

Canadian specialty distributor Sherpa Technology Group, have announced the launch of “Counter Days,” a small and informal dealer show focused exclusively on the most recent product lines added to Sherpa’s product portfolio.  Counter Days is a play on the old retail strategy of when a customer comes to the counter to pick up an order it’s an opportunity to promote one or more new products that could be of interest to them or their business.  The products are generally arranged near the counter.

Paul McRonald – inMusic was on hand to showcase new products from Denon Professional, Marantz Professional and M-Audio

The team held the premier Counter Days event on October 18th at the company’s Quebec headquarters in Dorval and followed up two days later at Sherpa’s Ontario office in Mississauga.  Both events focused on introducing Sherpa’s retail and specialty CI channel partners to inMusic, a family of specialty music and consumer electronics brands that include; Alesis, Alto Professional, Denon Professional, Marantz Professional and M-Audio.

“It was great to see so many of our customers show up for both the Montreal and Toronto Counter Days after the pandemic virtually put a two-year stop to in-person events,” said Philippe Rayes, President and CEO at Sherpa Technology Group, “Our customers were eager to see and learn about some of the fantastic new inMusic lines that we recently added to our product offering.”

Paul McRonald, Director of Sales and Marketing at inMusic Canada was on-hand at both the Montreal and Toronto events, leading education and training segments by offering a hands-on opportunity to experience products from Denon and Marantz that some dealers did not know existed.

“Paul from inMusic did an amazing job educating our customers and staff about the features and functions of these great brands that we are proud to include as part of our product mix” said Robert Schnaar, Director of Brand Development at Sherpa Technology Group. “With more than 50 brands distributed by Sherpa Technology Group, it was an opportunity for dealers to learn about and focus specifically, on some key new additions to our portfolio” added Schnaar.

“It was great to spend time with the Sherpa team, while being introduced to their core customers,” said inMusic’s McRonald “Without surprise, many commented that Sherpa is their go-to distributor not only for selection, but for their excellent customer service and customer engagement as witnessed through these events” added McRonald. “I enjoyed discussing current and past installations with customers and sharing how our new wireless technology and powered speaker designs from Alto Professional could widen the potential for fixed or portable audio installation projects. We also had fun showing our podcasting set-up with products shown from Marantz Professional and M-Audio.”

Those that attended were also added to a draw for over $2,000 worth of inMusic prizes awarded to six lucky dealers who attended – three prizes for the Toronto event and three prizes for the Montreal event.

“We are very happy with the turnout for both events,” concluded Sherpa’s Robert Schnaar. “With the success of the inMusic Counter Days we are encouraged to regularly offer more of these types of events in the future.”