Sherpa to Distribute XLO DNA in Canada

XLO, a manufacturer of audio/video interconnects and cables has appointed Sherpa Technology Group as its Canadian distributor for its line of XLO DNA cables. Sherpa is a “one stop shop” distributor of premium communications and custom audio video products, with office and warehouse locations in Mississauga, Ontario and Dorval, Quebec.

“This venture represents a step forward for Sherpa Technology Group” says Philippe Rayes, President of Sherpa Technology Group. “XLO DNA’s products augment our portfolio and by providing our customers with a premium range of interconnects to high-fidelity enthusiasts across Canada.”

Taking inspiration and key technologies from the original XLO range, neutrality is the goal for every XLO DNA cable. XLO DNA cables extract every note and detail from A/V systems to provide an unparalleled immersive experience.

“This is a natural and logical partnership” said Lily Luo, President, XLO. “Sherpa Technology Group has the experience, expertise, and passion to do the XLO DNA brand justice, while providing the best service available anywhere. We are excited to get to work.”

The XLO DNA range consists of HDMI, RCA, Speaker, Subwoofer, and Balanced XLR cables, as well as Power Cables, available in a variety of different lengths. 

Retail pricing for XLO DNA series interconnects range from $120, to $525. In addition, they feature 100% quality control, and are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

XLO was founded in 1991 by Roger Skoff, and were reviewed as “best in the world” by passionate users, the audio press and audio professionals. Roger’s fundamental take on cables was that cables should be neutral – that cables should neither add anything to, nor subtract anything from the signal, and must never distort or modify the signal in any way. Roger applied his background in mathematics to address the fundamental barrier to cable neutrality– the fields of electromagnetic and electrostatic energy and the complex relationship between the two fields.