Six Canadian Distributors to Call for Outdoor Entertaining Projects 

Fortune Business Insights estimates the global market for outdoor living furniture is expected to grow from USD 46.21 billion in 2021 to USD 65.55 billion by 2028. And that’s just for chairs and tables! Pandemic induced shifts in priorities means seeking outdoor living space now ranks as one of the top features when looking for a home according to

Robert Sclisizzi, President of Oakville, Ontario-based RRG Landscaping and co-owner of Turtle Bay Pools is completely booked for backyard projects through 2024.  “We have been non-stop and at project capacity since 2021. A global pandemic was certainly a catalyst for growing our business” reflects Sclisizzi, who says homeowners that are lucky enough to have outdoor living space, want to maximize their enjoyment both for their families and for entertaining. “The projects that we are doing are becoming more-and-more elaborate each year, and there’s a definite move toward blending outdoor and indoor living space. A few years back, a nice stainless BBQ on a small deck, was an acceptable outdoor renovation and now we are building full outdoor kitchens with water and fire features that are more beautiful than most people’s indoor kitchens! “Fire pits, pools, plunge pools, pergolas, built-in heat lamps for extending the Canadian season and covered living areas are all trends that are converting homeowner back yards into an oasis for entertaining and of course music and movies play a big role in that experience” adds Sclisizzi.

With summer on the horizon, here is a listing of six Canadian distributors that carry the AV technology to turn your renovated garden into a complete outdoor living oasis.  Whether your clients are seeking purpose build outdoor televisions, whole backyard sound systems, outdoor security or even simple weather-resistant Bluetooth portable speakers, these distributors are a great place to start when dreaming of the perfect outdoor retreat.

what’s the difference between an indoor and outdoor TV click:

Erikson Consumer (an Exertis / Jam Business). Telephone: 800-567-3275

Brands specializing in outdoor entertainment:  JBL, Revel, Marshall, Urbanista

Outdoor Audio: Erikson carries the largest selection of portable Bluetooth speakers of any Canadian distributor.  JBL alone has eight different models of outdoor weatherproof speakers with the JBL Flip being one of the best-selling Bluetooth speakers of all time.  Add brands like Marshall, Adidas and the solar powered rechargeable Bluetooth speakers from Swedish brand Urbanista and the offering from Erikson for simple outdoor speakers seems endless.

In addition to JBL’s full line of outdoor Bluetooth speakers, the company also offers weather resistant in-ear headphones.

But for full outdoor entertaining with a dedicated system the offerings come from theErikson represented  JBL Pro division that include the JBL Control line of weatherproof outdoor speakers that include landscape speakers, mushroom speakers and subwoofers, in-ceiling and pendant weatherproof speakers. The The JBL GSB12 in-ground 12-inch landscape subwoofer for example augments the low-frequency performance of JBL GSF full-range landscape speakers to provide rich, full-range sound in lawn and garden areas.  JBL Pro’s outdoor series is designed for both home and for large corporate and retail spaces.


Revel Audio manufacture an extreme climate series called the XC Series. XC models are resistant to corrosion from salt water and can be deployed in marine environments such as on docks or beachfront property. Revel’s unobtrusive Zero-bezel, magnetically attached grilles deliver a look that allows the speakers to blend easily into any garden landscape.  The Revel outdoor in-ceiling speakers are designed to look identical to the Revel in-door speakers. Both use Revel’s zero-bezel magnetically attached grilles that are visually identical to those used on all Revel in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers providing cohesive aesthetics throughout the home.

Revel XC Series outdoor speakers

Gemsen Distribution / Evolution Home Corp Telephone: 905-660-3110

Brands specializing in outdoor entertainment:  Elipson, Furrion, JL Audio, Kicker

Outdoor Television: Gemsen represents Furrion, who offer a wide range of HD and 4K UHD LED TVs designed for use in motorhomes and campers, but the brand also manufacture purpose built 4K outdoor televisions under the Aurora line for home, with waterproof housings, dust resistant cabinetry and electronic components that can withstand extreme temperatures 

Furrion manufacture both full sun and partial shade models in the Aurora line, seen here with matching sounder.

Outdoor Audio: Furrion manufacture landscape audio 4.1 Systems with 4 and 3″ speakers attached to an 8″ buried Subwoofer.  The brand also offers 2.1 Outdoor Soundbars with a built-in subwoofer to accompany the Aurora television line.  All Furrion audio feature weatherproof casing for year-round outdoor listening, ASA construction with a fade-resistant fluorocarbon textured finish so the sun doesn’t fade the products, polypropylene waterproof cones with rubber surrounds for rain and snow resistance and the speakers have integrated 150° pivoting arm assembly for versatile directional listening options.

Legendary brand for car and marine, Kicker, also manufacture outdoor speakers for patios under the KB6 line.  These speakers are ideal for Canada’s freshwater cottage country and will not be damaged when the kids jump off the dock and soak them!

French high-end audio manufacture Elipson produce the Rain series of outdoor speakers in three sizes ranging from 100 to 200mm that can be used in extreme cold, heat and humidity.

The Elipson Rain

Another Gemsen audio brand that has made a name for itself outfitting boats, is Florida-based JL Audio. The JL Audio Pavilion in-ceiling speakers are engineered to deliver durability in outdoor residential applications. Each model features a low-profile mounting bezel with an integrated tweeter bridge and a flush-mount grille for a discreet visual appearance.

JL Audio provide a low profile mounting bezel to make installation effortless.

For ease of installation, all Pavilion speakers utilize a specialized mounting system for an easy installation in a wide range of ceiling materials. The fine mesh grille attaches with embedded magnets and is paintable to further blend in with your décor.

Lenbrook Distribution Telephone: 905-831-6555

Brands specializing in outdoor entertainment:  psb, Bluesound, Dali

Audio: Legacy audio manufacturer psb manufacture two models of purpose-built outdoor speakers: the CS1000 and the CS500.  The CS500 speaker is durable enough to handle extreme weather conditions but can be used both inside and out. Completely weatherproof, the CS500 speaker comes with a flexible bracket system for vertical and horizontal mounting and dual-axis rotation and features a 1″ (25mm) titanium dome tweeter and 5.25” (133mm) clay/ceramic reinforced polypropylene cone woofer. Designed in Canada where we know a thing about bad weather both the CD500 and 1000 are manufactured with a UV-resistant polypropylene cabinet, an aluminium grille, and rustproof terminals with a rubber cover for added protection against the elements. The larger CS1000 has the same outdoor build quality but features a 6.5” (165mm) clay/ceramic reinforced polypropylene cone woofer.

The fully waterproof psb CS500 and 1000 do not have to be installed under a roofline

While not a purpose-built outdoor product, for families that have invested in Bluesound for a whole-home audio experience, a convenient and easy way to bring music to the outdoors is by adding the Bluesound Flex 2i with battery pack to take your music wherever you go with Bluetooth.  Just don’t leave the Flex 2i outside overnight.

Take the music with you with a battery powered Bluesound Flex 2i

Gentec International. Telephone: 905-513-7733

Brands specializing in outdoor entertainment:  Neptune, Magnet, Klipsch

Outdoor Television: Gentec-International carry a line of outdoor televisions called Neptune by Peerless ranging in size from 55” to 75” with models for both full sun viewing and partial shade.  Neptune televisions are rated for an operating temperature between minus 30 Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius or what is known as a typical Canadian weekend!  Like all purpose-built outdoor televisions, Neptune are fully waterproof and have high-contrast and glare resistant screens for outdoor living.

Neptune by Peerless-AV Neptune Shade Series outdoor TV
Neptune Shade Series Outdoor TVs can be easily installed in backyards, patios, outdoor kitchens, pool areas, and more bringing an all-season solution for year-round outdoor living.

For a simple entertainment experience in the great outdoors and even suitable for camping, Gentec represents Monster Smart Illuminessence all-in-one movie projectors that are bundled with a movie screen.  A great option for kids camping in the back yard while the parents enjoy a glass of wine watching the real TV on the terrace. Also under the Monster brand are waterproof LED patio lights and bistro lights that can be programmed in a multitude of colours.

Audio: Klipsch has been manufacturing all-weather outdoor speakers for decades and offer multiple options ranging from rock speakers (AWR650SMGR), to underground subwoofers to more traditional looking directional speakers (AW650) available in both black or white.

Security: Gentec represent a line of security cameras under the Energizer brand that include Smart doorbells and 1080p outdoor HD cameras that work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Energizer line of security cameras

Sherpa Technology Group. Telephone: 866-767-6584

Brands Specializing in Outdoor Entertainment: Aruba Instant On, Beale Street, GeoVision, Lutron Lighting, TruAudio, TrendNET, Samsung Outdoor TVs, Seura TVs,

Seura is the only brand manufacturing an 85″ dedicated outdoor television

In addition to distributing Samsung and Seura purpose-built outdoor televisions and a large selection of specialty outdoor garden audio from brands like Beale StreetBowers & Wilkins and TruAudio, Sherpa also carry a wide range of connectors and broadband tools to ensure that your beautiful TV and great sounding audio set-up can actually receive a wireless connection to stream and play.  And when the distances may be too far to have a reliable wireless source, Sherpa also carry direct burial outdoor COAX cable in lengths of 1000’ spools (Product 107-1234/DB/6S) and other cabling solutions for hard-wire connectivity.  The speakers and TVs get all the attention but if they can’t perform, they are useless!  Cables, repeaters, and extenders ensure your backyard oasis performs as great as it looks.  Highlights of Sherpa’s outdoor offering include:

Outdoor Television and mounts: Seura UB4-65 65” full sun outdoor televisions.  Seura are one of the only manufacturers that manufacture an 85″ outdoor television.  The Full Sun Series delivers 2000-nits, color-calibrated, for the industry’s brightest direct-sun outdoor TV. The weatherproof TV is built with Séura’s proprietary active heating and cooling system and boasts specs of IP55 waterproof rating, minus 40° to 60° Celsius temperature range, with a full array local dimming, and  4K UHD and HDR resolution The brand also carries a 2-year warranty.

Samsung QN65LS9TAFXZC 65” full sun televisions fall under the Terrace line and come in sizes from 55” to 75”.  Like most purpose built outdoor televisions the Terrace come in both full sun with 1,500+ nit brightness levels and partial sun models and are IP55 weather resistant rated 

Samsung Terrace offers a full sun version in 65″

Speakers: When considering any outdoor project, one needs to be respectful of the neighbours.  While it may be counter-intuitive, the more speakers you add to your project the more respectful you become by playing at lower volume levels.  Makes sense; if the speaker is at the end of the garden and you are 100’ away you need to crank it to hear it!  Sherpa carry both in-wall / in-ceiling and landscape speakers from TruAudio, Polk Audio, Bowers & Wilkins and Beale Street including: Tru Audio’s 8” RK-8-(in both grey or tan) rock speakers to completely blend in to a garden and the Beale Street 10” LS10B-BSC / LS10G-BSC landscape subwoofer.

TruAudio rock speakers are housed in a waterproof resin cabinet and are designed to blend into any landscape

Security: Sherpa brand GeoVision is a manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems founded in 1998 that provide security cameras for both large scalable commercial applications and backyards alike.

Yale YRD156-ZW2-619 – one of the oldest names in home security, Yale locks provide touch-screen keyless entry solutions so when you are feeling generous and letting the neighbours use the pool, you can provide a code to the side gate, and they will never have to walk through the house.

Lighting: When the sun goes down, indirect and ambient lighting can set the tone for a great night. Whether it is spot lighting to highlight trees and other vegetation or LEDs that dim and change colour around the patio, lighting plays a huge part on any outdoor project.

The Lutron Caseta plug allows any lighting to become Smart and wirelessly controlled

Sherpa carry lighting solutions from Lutron such as the Caseta Series of weatherproof Smart Plugs (PD-15OUT-BL) that can turn lights on wirelessly and by voice prompt as well as solar powered step lights from manufacturer LiteLine  

Easy to install solar powered lighting from LiteLine

Trends Electronics Telephone: 877-946-9255

Brands specializing in outdoor entertainment:  ORIGIN Acoustics, WETSOUNDS and Stealth Acoustics

Outdoor Audio: ORIGIN Acoustics- Bollard and Seasons Outdoor.  WETSOUNDS Venue Series and Stealth Acoustics

ORIGIN specializes in directional low wattage speakers for outdoor entertaining under the Bollard and Seasons line, that point speakers toward your garden directing sound to the listener.  By having multiple speakers volume can stay low while remaining robust.

Origin Acoustics Subwoofer

Each ORIGIN Bollard Loudspeaker includes an easy to bury integrated subwoofer. This 6.5″ woofer, ports just below the acoustic lens to add significant bass for its relatively small size. 

You would expect a company named WETSOUNDS to know a thing or two about outdoor audio.  WETSOUNDS have been manufacturing audio systems for high- performance marine and powersports since 2005. The company has recently expanded to outdoor home audio with the Venue VS-LS Pro Package, a complete outdoor system including (2) VS-12 LS-SUB In-Ground Landscape Subwoofers, (1) Pair of VS-69 PRO-Black 6×9” HLCD Outdoor Speakers, (1) VS-1200-AMP 4 Channel 110V Amplifier, and (1) VS-LS-ENC Outdoor Enclosure.

WETSOUNDS Escape M1 is a portable battery operated Bluetooth speaker

WETSOUNDS also offer the Escape M1 Air portable weatherproof portable speaker equipped with Chromecast built-in, AirPlay 2, Roon, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth 5.0. This allows for easy streaming of music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, airable internet radio or podcasts from a smartphone or other mobile device, in a speaker that is intended to move around.

Stealth Acoustics probably is not the first name you would think of for outdoor living, but the company that specializes in invisible in-wall covered speakers has developed a line called the StingRay exclusively for outdoor living. The speakers use Stealth Acoustic’s trademarked FidelityGlass active surface to hide the speaker inside a wall or can be used mounted.  The speakers have multiple custom finishes and versatile mounting options.

Stealth Acoustics Stingray

Outdoor Television: Stealth Acoustics also manufacture the Extreme Patio Theater (SPT Extreme) a unique, retractable outdoor LED TV system. Its four massive screen sizes ranging from 105” to 190” are large enough to be seen from the patio, the pool, and the entire backyard.  When not in use, the SPT Extreme disappears from view, retracting into its base. To further hide the Extreme, the base cabinet can be partially or fully recessed into the landscaping.

Stealth Acoustics Extreme Pro Theater