Skyworth P100 Battery Companion TV Review: A Handy TV to Take With You

In a world of smartphones, laptops and tablets, who in the world would ever need a battery-operated companion TV?  The simple answer is….everyone!!

Back and front view of the Skyworth P100 Companion TV

A couple of weeks ago, Skyworth, a multinational consumer electronics manufacturer sent me the company’s new P100 Companion Series portable television, a battery operated 24” display that works on Google’s Smart TV platform. The TV was introduced at CES 2024.

Scroll to the 1:25-minute mark for a quick walk-through of the Skyworth P100 features from the CES 2024 show floor earlier this year.

My first reaction was, where would this TV fit into my life?  If I want to stream a movie on-the-go, I have an iPad. If I am really on-the-go, I also have my iPhone, so while I was looking forward to giving the P100 a look, I was somewhat skeptical if it would be something that I would want to keep or use regularly. The answer to keep and use regularly, is yes!

Skyworth P100 Portable TV Review

At 11 lbs. the P100 is easy to carry from room to room

In our home, we made a conscious decision to create a dedicated space for watching TV on our lower level. Our thinking was if we had the TV in our main living room, there would never be a reason to head downstairs. So upstairs has always been about music and reading while downstairs is about movies and sports. But of course, there are times when you’d like to multi-task and be able to watch something while say, making dinner, organizing a closet, packing a suitcase, or ironing – all activities where Skyworth’s P100 was a delight to have around.

A leather carrying handle on the back makes for simple transport from room to room

Two Sundays ago, while I was watching the last few holes of the Arnold Palmer Golfing Classic, my wife was itching to watch the Oscar’s Red Carpet pre-show, two events that are best watched live versus recorded. Cathy grabbed the P100 and headed upstairs and while making an Oscar-worthy dinner, had a chance to catch all the fabulous dresses before Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue. She then brought the P100 downstairs and we watched the end of the golf and the red-carpet together, but separately, at the same time!

Yes, an iPad could have accomplished Cathy’s wish to watch the Red Carpet but the P100 screen at 24” is more than double the screen size of my biggest iPad Pro. More so, the puny iPad speakers don’t come close to the soundstage created by Skyworth’s 2-channel 8-watt front-firing Dolby-enabled speakers. The 1080p anti-glare LED screen with a 178-degree viewing angle gives a terrific dynamic range in a screen size where you don’t have to huddle close, like when a group tries to watch a phone screen.

The P100 has an elegant contemporary design that could have been inspired by the German Industrial designer Dieter Rams, responsible for many highly collectable products for Braun and furniture company Vitsoe, starting in the 1960s. Rams’ timeless design also influenced Apple’s white iDevices.

A close-up detail of the burnt orange speaker grill and subtle Skyworth badging.

The P100 has an off-white speckled bezel and the jutting back that houses the battery pack does double-duty as a platform for a leather carrying strap mounted with stainless hex-bolts. The front of the P100 features the matte screen with a ¼ inch black bezel then framed in white. The lower section of the P100 houses the front-firing speakers in a stylish burnt-orange grill. A circular on-off switch in the centre of the speaker grill and a small subtle Skyworth logo finishes the overall classy look of the portable TV.  The bottom of the TV has thin silicon pads that prevent slippage when the TV is placed down.

Concealed on the P100 left side are a series of inputs that include a 3.5mm headphone jack, one digital optical, an ARC HDMI, one ethernet LAN port, one USB 2.0 port and of course an AC charging port. The included AC adapter is almost 10 feet long, meaning lots of mobility moving the P100 even when plugged in. An optional plug is available for 12V RV charging.

A side profile showing multiple connects including a headphone jack, HDMI ARC and Optical in and the leather carrying handle.

Should You Buy the Skyworth P100?

After a couple of weeks enjoying the Skyworth P100, I realized there is tremendous value in using a purpose-built product rather than a multi-tasking tablet or phone for watching TV.  

First, the anti-glare screen allows for viewing even in bright conditions. The spry 11-lb. weight of the TV makes it easy to carry wherever you wish. The three-hour battery gets you through a full-feature movie, and the 24” screen is absolutely enormous when compared to the screen size that you would normally use for on-the-go viewing. Best of all, no annoying notifications or distractions popping up on the screen.

Notice not only the screen size difference between an iPad Pro but also the glare coming from the tablet. You can make out my silhouette where the P100 is virtually glare resistant even when next to large windows.

While I started this review wondering if such a TV has a purpose, I end the review predicting that such lifestyle products will become a trend. Skyworth has beaten its competitors to a new portable category that fits a niche for camping, student dorm living, or just watching the Oscar red carpet in the kitchen while cooking. The P100 is a fun accessory TV that goes wherever you do. The beautiful industrial design looks terrific and the Google operating system means it’s easy and intuitive to use. It’s a perfect addition for a summer of recreation. Get one now for $500.

Lots of screen and sound options in the menu that are accessed with the included remote. The P100 defaults to Energy Saving which I found a bit too dark so I changed the setting to Standard which of course will deplete the battery faster.

Key Features

3-Hour Lithium-Ion Battery / Charging Freedom: Charge in Your Car, Home, RV and More / Matte Screen Anti-Glare Display / 1080P FHD LED Display / 2-Channel 8W Front Speakers / Dolby Audio / Dual-Band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) / Google Smart TV Platform / Google Assistant Voice Control / Works with Amazon Alexa / Built-In Chromecast / Bidirectional Bluetooth 5.0