Sonos Pro in store

Sonos Pro Software is Designed for Business With Multiple Locations

Sonos is expanding into the business world with remote monitoring and control of music through its new Sonos Pro software as a service (SaaS) offering. With Sonos Pro, businesses, including retailers, can manage the sound that’s delivered through multiple locations.

As a new product category for Sonos, Sonos Pro is a subscription-based offering that includes a simple dashboard to remotely manage a system across multiple locations, commercially licensed music, personalized support, and more. The service works seamlessly with a business’ existing Sonos hardware to fill any space with immersive sound.

Use the bespoke Sonos app and remote management capabilities to control music from multiple stores. This includes a web-based dashboard that allows businesses to view and manage activity across locations. Preset playlist schedules, set administrator permissions, delegate access to trusted employees and access on-demand premium support from anywhere.

The SaaS also includes access to Sonos Backgrounds, a commercially licensed music service featuring a range of music from independent artists. You can also access third-party streaming services like Mood Mix, Soundtrack Your Brand, or Rockbot to create a consistent brand experience.

Sonos Pro in store

Using the system, businesses can outfit each location with fewer compact speakers, says Sonos, or a mix of smart speakers and components across different locations. All Sonos products, of course, seamlessly work together. You can also easily expand by adding more speakers and adjust the subscription plan as your needs grow.

“As consumers return to brick-and-mortar, retail stores and restaurants are leveraging music, visuals and scents to create a sensory in-store experience that builds an emotional connection with customers,” says Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos. “We’ve seen incredible organic growth for Sonos in commercial spaces as businesses invest in sound solutions to engage customers, which presents a huge opportunity for us.

“After testing different features in hundreds of business locations to better understand the needs of businesses and the complexities of commercial audio,” he continues, “we’re proud to deliver a simple solution that was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of this audience.”

Sonos Pro dashboard

Sonos Pro is designed to help businesses streamline their sound.

“Music is the foundation for creating ambiance and keeping customers coming back for more,” adds Audra Kinsley, Vice President and General Manager of Sonos Professional. “Sonos Pro was designed to make it easy for brands to reinforce their vision and lifestyle through sound, with tools to curate content and create distinct sound experiences that resonate with customers.”

Sonos Pro is available for $35/mo. per location, plus the cost of the hardware. For now, Sonos Pro is available in the U.S. starting today, with additional markets to follow.