SureCall Fusion Professional

SureCall’s New Fusion Professional is For Large Homes & Offices

SureCall has introduced its latest signal booster, the Fusion Professional, which is designed for the custom installation market.

The professional-grade signal booster is designed for use in large homes and medium-sized businesses that are up to 8,000 square feet in size. It uses SureCall’s proprietary SureIQ technology, which auto-adjusts the booster’s amplification for the best performance based on the strength of the outside signal. It also leverages 2XP technologies to further help improve cellular signals for all North American carriers, keeping users connected in urban, suburban, and most rural areas.

SureCall says the booster is ideal for homes and small offices that often experience slow LTE data speeds or frequently dropped calls, helping to improve voice and data connectivity on 4G and 5G mobile phones and other devices like MiFi hotspots and cellular data hubs. The 2XP technology doubles the return signal (uplink power) to the tower, ensuring the cellular connection is maintained, even in the weakest signal environments.

SureCall Fusion Professional

“A reliable cell signal has become critical for millions of people working from home and attending online school,” says Frankie Smith, Vice President of Sales for SureCall. “Fusion Professional is an excellent solution for our network of installers who have customers looking for a product that solves poor cell connectivity. This customizable and powerful booster will improve signal in even the toughest conditions and will make customers extremely satisfied.”