Surfshark VPN for Apple TV

Surfshark Launches VPN App for Apple TV

Cybersecurity company Surfshark has just launched a VPN app for Apple TV, affording privacy while streaming.

The Apple TV app is the latest addition to Surfshark’s range of dedicated app versions for various devices, operating systems, and browsers. The Apple TV app is available to all Surfshark users at no additional cost.

“At Surfshark, we’re committed to ensuring users have the utmost control over their online privacy,” says Justas Pukys, VPN Product Manager at Surfshark. “With the introduction of Surfshark VPN for Apple TV, users can now enjoy an extra layer of privacy while streaming their favourite content. We understand the growing concern around online tracking, especially in today’s data-driven landscape. Surfshark VPN for Apple TV is a testament to our dedication to providing comprehensive privacy solutions for users worldwide.”

Surfshark says its VPN can help protect your privacy while streaming, preventing the shows you watch from being tracked and used for targeted ads. With the app, Apple TV viewers can encrypt traffic and hide your IP address, potentially protecting you from online tracking and, as a result, targeted ads. 

Surfshark also offers VPN apps for Chrome, Firefox, iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, FireTV, and Edge. Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections so you can download the VPN app to all of supported devices at no extra cost. 

Surfshark VPN for Apple TV

To get Surfshark VPN for Apple TV, go to the App Store on your Apple TV and search for Surfshark VPN. If you’re not a Surfshark user yet, choose a subscription plan. You can purchase it directly from your Apple TV. Once signed up, simply log in and connect.

Surfshark’s Dedicated IP feature is also available on Apple TV, which allows viewers to use the same IP address for each viewing session.

The Surfshark Starter plan is available for $3.09/mo. on sale or $77.25 for the first 24 months; Surfshark One is $4.09/mo. or $102.25 for the first two years, and Surfshark One+ is $6.09/mo. or $152.25 for two years. There are also 12-month and 1-month plans available for a bit more. See all pricing details on the website.