HMV is reportedly making a return to Canada with a section of select Toys "R" Us locations to feature the branding and music merchandise.

Rekkord Audio, which offers turntables designed and handmade in Europe, has launched its new F100 turntable in the U.S.

Bluesound's HUB network accessory connects to a variety of analog and digital audio sources for multi-room streaming, including turntables.

MusicWatch conducted a study to provide insights on vinyl purchases, trends in behaviour, and how this impacts hardware sales

Dual is returning to the North American market with a range of hifi record players, and a new international distribution network.

Audio-Technica's entry-level AT-LP60XBT-USB Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable includes Bluetooth wireless, USB, and analog connectivity.

iFi Audio has released its new iPhono Black Label phono stage for HiFi audio enthusiasts and serious turntable enthusiasts who want a separate phono stage