Telus Stream+

Telus Stream+ Lets Customers Bundle 3 Popular Streaming TV Services

With the rising prices of every streaming service, Telus has an interesting solution: the wireless carrier is launching a streaming bundle that includes Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video for a single price, all billed on your Telus monthly invoice.

The plans start at $20/mo. for Stream+ Basic, which Telus says equates to a 17% savings overall. This package includes Netflix Standard with Ads, Disney+ Standard with Ads, and Prime Video (with ads) for the fee. If you were to subscribe to these on their own, Netflix Standard with Ads is $5.99/mo., Disney+ Standard with Ads is $7.99/mo. since the recent price hike, and Prime Video (without the ad-free option coming in February) is $9.99/mo. Total cost: #23.97/mo. So, you’re saving $3.97/mo. or $47.64/yr., and being able to pay everything through one bill.

To step up, there’s the $38/mo. Stream+ Premium plan to get Netflix Premium ($20.99/mo.), Disney+ Premium ($14.99/mo), and Prime Video (this is the standard version that will now include ads; you’ll still have to pay the extra $2.99/mo. for ad-free starting in February if you want that) for the same $9.99/mo. Together as standalones, that would be $45.97, so you’re saving $7.97/mo. or $95.64/yr.

Telus Stream+

In both cases, since Amazon Prime Video is not available as a standalone subscription in Canada, you automatically get an Amazon Prime subscription by default, which includes access to fast and free shipping through, one-day and same-day delivery to most cities and towns, ad-free music via Amazon Music Prime, Prime Game Prime Reading, Amazon Photos storage, and more.

Of course, these bundles are only available to customers with eligible Telus services, and they can be added from the My Telus website or app. Once subscribed, you can watch from a TV, smartphone, tablet, or laptop, enjoying all of the same benefits the same standalone subscriptions afford, based on the tier.

If you already have a subscription to one or more of the three streaming services, you can link the existing account to the Stream+ bundle with no change to preferences, viewing history, or profiles.

Every little bit counts, as they say. If you’re already a Telus subscribe and have these three services, it’s worth adding to the account to save a few bucks. You will also no longer have to worry about multiple bills or line items on your credit card statement.